{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Your Zombie Master is back to sharpen his teeth in episode of 42 of Horror Never Dies! So, tonight I will be talking about life, the universe, and everything… or as some people call it The Walking Dead! Our first episode for the new season Seed starts out with two walkers swaying like leaves in the wind. That is till Rick, T-Dog, Daryl, and Carl bust into a house with silencers in place… (Where did they get the silencers?)

We follow them through the house and Carl gets the first walker kill of the season. We see Rick almost shoot Daryl in the closet, then we follow Daryl upstairs where he finds an owl annnd this goes through my head (Play Clip: Woodsy the Owl  ~ Give a Hoot Don’t Pollute). Then he goes about acquiring dinner. We see Carl find some dog food, everyone comes in to what looks to be the living room. We watch Daryl plucking the owl while he does that Carl opens the dog food and everyone looks at him with revolt. Which then Rick takes the Purina and throws it against a wall like a moron… wasting ANY type of nutrition in that environment is idiotic. T-Dog sees walkers coming, so they get on out of there and with that we get a new dose of Credits!

One interesting thing of note is how they pair up the imagery with the actor’s names. Norman Reedus, Daryl with the arrows… Chandler Riggs, Carl with a Cherokee Rose (which… doesn’t make that much sense… but I can get it.) However, what is with Lauren Cohan, Maggie with a grave yard, and the executive producers with bloody saws… *begin sarcasm* (interesting placement) *end sarcasm*. Anyway! On with the show!


{Scene Two}


Moving forward we see them all stopped on the side of the road I can only guess for a bathroom break suddenly this is running through my mind. {Play Clip – Child Saying “Are We There Yet!”} We are quickly given a time frame, The winter has passed and Hershel has a kickass beard. After a bit of debate, Rick lays down the law *said with irritation* that they will continue going in circles… *end irritation*

A few people go about getting water while Daryl has Rick come with him hunting since Owl is not all that meaty it would seem. They follow some rusty train tracks and find the prison that was ominously shown to us in the Season Two finale. We get them all getting into the gate, and Lori’s pregnant belly looks REALLY fake to me, I know they’ve had limited food and all. Yet, it just looks like they slapped on a coat of pregnant and called it a day, to me.

Whatever… Once they get in the gate, they realize they will need to clear the yard. Carol almost shoots Rick as he goes to close another gate, now wouldn’t that have been an interesting way to start out the season. “Oppsss! Uuummm… uh. shot Rick… uhhhh… whatever shall we do now!” He of course gets the gate closed, and gets to safety easily, then they go about being some unrealistically good shots. Rick of course takes out the last yard walker after which we cut to everyone rejoicing at their new found homestead.


{Scene Three}


Coming in on the group now having a little camp out fire and all *dripping with sarcasm* maybe they’ll make some s’mores and even sing kumbaya. Anyway… Rick walks the fence while they cook and rest, we get to see redneck love in action with Daryl and Carol flirting in their backwoods kind of way. We thankfully leave them go back to the rest, Rick gives a rousing speech that has no one impressed. Hershel has to remind you that he is a farmer real quick, then Beth sings, and Lori mentions to Rick that she is wanting to talk about things… but Rick is doing stuff.

Methinks this {Play Clip: Bobby Darin – Things} shall be a theme of the season. After this emotional moment of things and stuff Rick walks away and Lori stands there and breaths loudly… What is it with people breathing loudly?! Shane and Rick did it last season; Shane did it more as he was going crazy. I get it… it’s done for the effect, but it is coming off more like she has just been smoking too much with the stress of the baby on the way and all…


{Scene Four}


Back from the break we get a very quick introduction to Michonne’s badassitude and then quickly hop back to the prison where we see Rick and the gang go gangland as they push further in. We get to see an amazing effect where Rick pulls off a walker’s helmet and take its face with it annnnd this goes through my head {Play Clip: Face Off ~ I’d like to take his face-off}. We quickly see them going into a cell block and cleaning it out. Once everyone is inside Daryl seems the least comfortable because likely he’s visited such a place before. So he takes the guardroom while all the others take to the cells happily. We get to see Carl putting the moves on Beth… awkwardly… that is till Hershel walks in and shoos Carl away with a smirk. We get to see the all seemingly becoming happy little jail birds, except for Rick who just kind of sits and stares thinking of things.


{Scene Five}


Pushing on we see Michonne checking in on a very sick Andrea. Andrea debates with Michonne about staying were they are, though saying debates is a strong word… since Andrea just talks and Michonne just kind of looks at her. We finish up with seeing them leaving their place of residence and moving on with Michonne’s two walker friends. Going back to Rick and the boys we see them considering using the riot gear, yet it is oozing with goo… so they decide against it. We get to see Beth giving Carl a little glace of her own (he is the only guys near her age after all…) as Rick and his merry men go on to explore the rest of the prison and find what there may be.


{Scene Six}


Closing things out we get to see them push even deeper into the prison (*said in sing-song voice* and the prison doesn’t like it… *end sing-song voice* had to…), they are understandably jumpy but being smart… However, they start getting cornered in one area then another. Maggie and Glenn get separated from everyone else and with how they like to fornicate with bad timing; I am surprised they do not use the opportunity. While going back and looking for them, a walker takes a bite out of a Hershel (bet he wishes he was still a drunk at that moment). They get all get back together, get him to the cafeteria and it would seem his carelessness costs him an arm and a leg… ok, just a leg but I could not pass up that joke. *laughs* Ending with five prisoners popping their head up and we cut to the credits.


{Final Thoughts}


Sooo… My final thoughts… Hmmm… This was a VERY good start to another season. We get in touch with all of our main characters an have brief introductions with our new ones. We get to see more of the prison without a whole lot of “What do we do? Where do we go?” instead they bring us right into the prison without making us wait around for what we were already teased with at the end of last season. We find ourselves in a better place and get a good feeling for how the rest of the season will be.

Now, finished with the first episode of Season Two of Horror Never Dies, I just have to say, it is good to be back! annnnnnd Fade to Black!

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