At a time -After Death- we see that -Zombie Allegiance- hasn’t changed as Zombie Master moves on to review The Walking Dead Season Two Episode One – What Lies Ahead.


{Scene One}

Hell is Full and Zombie Master will find a way into your psyche, this week I will be reviewing The Walking Dead Episode What Lies Ahead.

The episode starts out with a recap of season one but being that we on this podcast just finished up season one. I see no real reason to go over it. We start out this season with Rick once more talking to dead air, letting us know it’s only been two days since the last season. We find out that they decided they’re going to Fort Benning, but no one seems to point out that this means Shane was right all along. We see Daryl decided to leave his truck behind so that he could look much cooler on the bike. As Rick’s monologue comes to an end, we see Rick oh so symbolically walking away from Atlanta, then them moving on, driving down the empty side of the highway again with NO WALKERS as usual…

Then we get out taste of another season of –Echo Effect- credits. Credits… MMmmmm….

{Scene Two}

Finishing up with the Credits we get to See Norman Reedus looking incredibly cool in leather on the bike going down the road with everyone following behind him and at such an opportune time… the RV which I will from now on be referring to as Eagle Five has it’s hose break once again, at a point when it is so easy for them to find a new one surrounded by hundreds of cars and trucks… I think they could have come up with something better as a reason for them to stop… from someone just saying “Hey! These cars would have a lot of stuff” to just someone saying “I need to take a leak” Soooo…. they are out of their vehicles and walking through seeing all the rotting corpses, I… I have to say… I keep asking myself… why aren’t the bodies undead? What kept them from turning?


{Scene Three}

So, as Dale plays geriatric lookout while everyone else goes about playing hungry hungry survivor, and Andrea decided gun cleaning 101 would be a better pursuit, Rick sees a couple of walkers, when Dale goes spring eyes seeing a heard of walkers is on their way. We get intense music for a moment, but it stops as soon as Rick starts running to quietly tell everyone to get under the cars…


Switching to T-Dog, he suddenly does the splits… with his arm. Andrea has a visitor, but with Dale’s help she mixes the man a Screwdriver. Why is it that Andrea’s screams and the walker’s sounds do not draw the attention of the rest of the heard? Daryl saves T-Dog… the man who left his brother to die, by doing the one thing in this ENTIRE scene that actually makes sense… covering T-Dog and Himself with the smell of walkers… Now, with this scene over… I have to go back to S1E2 Guts… Maybe my memory does not serve me well… So… what did I say Morales said?!

(Play clip from HND E2, of me saying “Let us See… Let Us See… They Smell you, They Hear you, or they Taste you”…) Now… YES T-Dog and Daryl where covered by the smell of the dead… but what ABOUT THE REST OF THEM?!


{Scene Four}

Sophia makes a grave mistake and runs INTO THE WOODS… away from everybody she knows chased by two walkers. During the intense chase scene between the walkers an Sophia, we find that horror movie rules still apply no matter her age, she IS female so she HAS to fall down when chased. If you could see me… you would know… I am rolling my eyes… Shortly after Rick has them chasing him then HE falls down… interesting we are breaking the rules NOW men are falling down TOO. YAAY FOR GENDER EQUALITY!

Shortly thereafter they are now looking for where Sophia went, and the best scouts are assembled. Daryl picks up her trail, then they find that she just went off in another direction for NO REASON.

Not long after that once again, Rick has to be reminded that he needs to stay focused on the task at hand and not keep asking so many questions… Sometimes I really think Rick is ADD… This is really how it seems a lot of times

-Rick- Before all this, what did you think of the Falcons? Zombies… Oh yeah… we need to be killing zombies! Daryl, you know that coffee Lori made this morning was greeeeat!

-Daryl’s reply would be something to the effect of- Rick! There still more UNDEAD trying to eat us let’s talk about the coffee later
-and Rick’s reply would be something to the effect of- You’re right Daryl… OOOOhhh Shiny!
rick needs focus. –deadpan-

Carl plays “I’m staying in your sight” as he does most of this season, getting an awesome set of Ginsu knives, and I still am wondering why all the ones on the road are dead. Carl shows Shane his find and Shane tries to “stay away from Lori’s family”. However, Lori is angry at Shane for NOT talking to Carl… Wonder why Shane is angry? Wonder why he is losing it? LOOK AT LORI…


{Scene Five}

Switching back to Rick and Daryl in the woods and they meet up with a hippie zombie, and after they go Helter Skelter on him they play “he’s a little teapot” and “cut him open and pull him out” to find out if he has a belly full of Sophia. All they find out is that the woodchuck chucks no more. The next day each person takes a bladed weapon, I must say I LOVE the one that Glenn choose an the look on his face is a grin of the feces consuming variety.

So, they go tramping through the woods and find a campsite, which Daryl is very ready to attack the tent. Daryl does the smart move and takes the gun he found, you certainly would not catch me without one in the undead playground.


{Scene Six}

Going forward, after the party hears church bells, we jump back to T-Dog and Dale, we find out that Dale has had the Eagle Five up and running since the day before, but as per usual he rides his high horse head held high, believing he knows better than anyone else, just less blatantly than he did with Andrea. The needs of the many do not mean much to Dale, he would rather make moral choices for the group because I can only guess he is helping their eternal souls or something like that.

This scene as they open the church is another TEASE. Just saying…

After they cut the parishioners down to size, they learn that the bells were only a megaphone on a timer. Why didn’t the noise bring every walker for miles?

Andrea has the best line of the episode with “Between the two of us, we make a great third wheel.” I have felt like before… by myself… silly voices… Rick talks to God… which is a theme throughout the last half of this episode. However, one should remember that they are talking to someone who also rose from the dead…

Then we go to Lori, she makes a “I’m standing up for him speech” about Rick and the BIG thing I have to point out… Where did they get refrigerators, the bottle of water that Lori is drinking when she goes off on everyone is covered in condensation …from being cold…-deadpan- where did she get COLD water?

HHHmmm… Also funny that the one of the few times I think Rick did the right thing, everyone is more than a little peeved. HHhhmmm… Finishing off the episode we get a moving scene with them all looking at a buck, and Shane and Rick looking on at Carl like his two Dads… ALL proud.

Personally, I would have been thinking… mmmm MEAT. The splendor gets broken by gun fire, as do the Buck… and well… Carl… at least we know he will be staying out of trouble for awhile as Rick and Shane stand over him as we close out the episode.


{Final Thoughts}

This was a great episode overall, even with a few plot holes such as that the Undead can Hear you and Smell but not this time, and a few mistakes like the cold water. It was nothing that detracted from the enjoyment of this episode. It was well written, well acted, and well directed. It moved the story forward, without rushing or bogging it down with too many reaction shots. Overall, I have to say AWESOME episode.

Annnnd Fade To Black



Try to find leather, keep hydrated, never let your guard down, do not get bit, and remember… Horror… Never… DIES…

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