Down on -The Zombie Farm-, they will be -Damned by Dawn- if they do not listen to Zombie Master review The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Five Chupacabra


{Scene One}

Hell is Full and Zombie Master is going to hunt down and review The Walking Dead Episode Chupacabra

Opening on what has to be a flashback, we see what is obviously the start of the Atlanta camp, We see Sophia and Carl playing checkers, and we get to be revisited by one of the biggest douche bag of the series so far, Ed, Carol’s husband. I have to pause for a moment and say how thankful I am that they killed Ed off when they did. If they hadn’t I would have been praying for him to die every time I saw him on screen. Moving forward… We see Lori come up to Shane and we find out that nothing is on the Radio, following Lori and Shane into the woods, we get one of the iconic scenes of this season. Seeing the military napalming Atlanta, and Lori going into Shane’s arms, after which the Credits Steam roll on through.


{Scene Two}


Now that the credits have pressed on, the name of the episode is referenced really early, and we learn of Daryl’s Chupacabra story.

So, after a bit of talking, they get plans set, then we go on over to Glenn strumming the strings of the guitar that Dale got for him. As Maggie comes out, Glenn tries to get another round of pin the tale of the Greene girl; trying to act smooth but just coming off as a bit creepy. He tries to hint that we would like to have another time with her, but his hints are about as subtle as a brick through a window. She ends the scene looking at him like he creeped her out, which he probably did.

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{Scene Three}


Moving on, we jump on over to Shane and Rick walking in the woods, because as we know that always goes well. We find out that Shane is one of those guys who lived his Glory Days in high school. After a few telling scenes that give us a much better picture of their friendship in the before times. Shane gets philosophical, and Rick ask him for his honest opinion. When Shane shares it, Rick of course gets upset, and Rick makes it very clear that the ENTIRE search for Sophia has NOTHING to do with saving Sophia; it has NOTHING to do with doing what is right. It IS about Rick’s SELFISH need to relieve himself of the guilt that he feels because he did what he had to do, and it did not work out for the best. Because Rick is the most arrogant self centered member of the group, letting his own whims and emotions put everyone in DANGER just so MAYBE just MAYBE he can sleep a little better at night…

Finally leaving the scene with Rick & Shane, we hear and see a squirrel nailed to a tree, Daryl does seem to love himself some squirrel meat. We see Daryl riding the horse, and with his back story UNLIKE Glenn’s him knowing how to ride a horse makes PERFECT sense. He stops spotting  Sophia’s Doll… from where he was he had to have really good eyes to spot that, but I will let that one slide, he is supposed to be a trained tracker, so noticing something out of place is kind of his specialty.

After getting back up to the horse, and a couple of short scenes he plays Rock N’ Roll all the way down the hill side, and they do some beautiful camera effects. After the landing we see Daryl in the water being surrounded by human kool-aid, then we slowly pull away with ominous music.

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{Scene Four}


Diving back in, we see that Daryl has an arrow through his side, which looks a wee bit uncomfortable. He cuts and rips off the arms of his shirt to make a tourniquet, but I do really have to ask myself… did they do this whole scene to give the women eye candy, or was that just an incidental… Methinks that it’s on purpose.

Cutting back to Glenn and Lori talking about her being pregnant Glenn seems to get caught in the middle of everything. But, I guess when you are to gopher of the group, you are likely to get stuck between a walker and a dead place.

Shortly thereafter, Rick gets back asks Lori of her opinion of what Shane said, and of COURSE she stands up for Ricks terrible decisions… Jumping back to Daryl, we see he’s gotten half way up the mighty mountain and as he goes back down this plays in my head {Play Clip – Limp Bizkit  Rollin’} After our little spin with Daryl, we go back to the farm and see Rick and Hershel, really do not communicate they just placate each other’s eccentricities.


{Scene Five}


Annnd Back to the Daryl situation, we see Merle coming up to Daryl and we see Daryl looking more like he is three sheets to the wind than hurt, then Merle goes about berating Daryl for his sorry state. When Daryl wakes up in probably the worst way one could. With a walker chewing his boot, he HAS to be thankful for steel toe boots! Suddenly Daryl becomes super Daryl, very much thanks to the wonders of Adrenaline. After going about hand to hand combat with the boot eater he goes about bashing his face in with a stick then plunging it into the walker’s skull. Seeing a second walker he rips the arrow out of himself, then holding it in his mouth presumably tasting his own blood. He goes about cocking the bow and taking out the walker in a feat that warrants this song clip playing through my head {Play Clip – Kid Rock American Badass}

After cutting away, we come back to see Daryl waking up with his carnage all around him. He reties his tourniquet, then goes about having a raw squirrel lunch… he really does have a thing for squirrel meat. Odd little obsession it would seem. Maybe squirrel meat makes you more manly or something. Finished with his favorite meal, taking dolly in hand, the shoe strings from the walker and making the best fashion accessory EVER, a walker ear necklace, he goes about getting back to the top of the mountain.

He almost slides again… when Merle shows up at the top to berate him once more to motivate him to get to the top. Seeing Daryl get to the top, all that must be going through his head is {Play Quote – James Cagney from White Heat “Made It Ma! Top of the World”}.

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{Scene Six}


Going back to the farm, we have a few scenes and we get to see Andrea put in her place, as the look out, and she sees what she THINKS is a walker. Everyone goes into panic mode, we see everyone running with weapons, and Andrea decides she will try for the shot anyway. They get to the edge of the woods. Seeing that it is Daryl, Rick points his gun at him… but I do have to give them. He looks like a walker, covered in blood, dragging along and even grunting like a walker. Daryl makes the astute observation that it is the THIRD time Rick has pointed his gun at him. Then Andrea shoots Daryl… thankfully she just grazes him. Then T-Dog points out that he had Sophia’s doll…

Rick coming out of Daryl’s room tells Lori that he will be ok… My question is why the heck is LORI even there. It is not like she likes Daryl, they pretty much never interacted unless they absolutely HAD to. Why does she have that scene, it makes absolutely NO SENSE! Moving ahead, we get an uncomfortable dinner scene where everyone is quiet, no one is talking and you could cut the tension with a knife. Glenn tries to break the silence and everyone looks at him like he just stood up on the table and urinated all over the food. To make matters worse, he asks if anyone plays the guitar and the only one that did was… Otis. Foot in mouth does not cover it; I do believe that is Torso in Mouth. We get another scene of Glenn and Maggie acting like children passing notes, very obviously and everyone sees it. After their own version of the last supper, Glenn goes to the barn to get a piece of the action, and we find that Hershel is the most deluded idiot they probably will ever be able to find… having a barn filled with walkers. Maggie runs in and we close out the episode.


{Final Thoughts}


So, what can I say about this episode. I can say, I think this is the show’s apology for Cherokee Rose! This episode is AWESOME! We see Daryl have some real development, and his Dexteresque delusion of Merle was a great plot device, and a good touch to show us more of Daryl’s back story instead of just telling us something like that, like they have done too much in the past. We see Maggie and Glenn’s relationship growing, no matter how annoying the whole acting like children part is, it’s still good. They really got you into this episode, you really could not be sure whether Daryl was going to make it out alive, and the tensions are rising between the Greene family and the Atlanta party. Overall, this is what television should be.


Annnnd Fade to Black.



Never take a horse without knowing its disposition, always be discreet, do not get bit, and remember Horror NEVER Dies!

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