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{WWZ 2D Vs. 3D}


Having just gotten back from my second viewing of WWZ in the theater I can say that 3D only adds a small bit to this movie. I saw the 3D version a couple of days ago and the 2D less than an hour ago. The opening sequence really does pop in the 3D version. However, since it has little to nothing to do with the rest of the movie. Because of that I cannot say that it is worth the extra dollars you will spend.

In the 3D version there are a couple of jump scares that really got me in the 3D version that just were not the same in the 2D. Yet, I also must admit that could be because I knew they were coming, jump scares have a very limited shelf life after all. I will say that the 3D does for lack of a better word add a depth to the tone of the movie. It adds a little extra to the feeling of when you are watching it in 3D. Not enough that I can say that you will be missing much if you choose to go to the 2D version of the film.


{How a PG-13 zombie film really worked and why I see it as a good thing.}


Your Zombie Master went into this movie really tentative. First because I had heard it was nothing like the book. Though I have never been an individual who expects movies to be just like the books they came from. However, when the writer of the book comes out saying it is like his work “in name only”. That does tend to make you nervous that it will be terrible. Thankfully and surprisingly, it was not. I would go so far as to say that it was a great zombie film.

What in my opinion made it so was that they did not lean on the tried and true tropes that zombie movies turn to. No gut eating zombies, no blood splattering everywhere, no gore to speak of. As a blood guzzling gore hound I was taken aback by this. Even more that I enjoyed it so highly, but upon further reflection I know why. They really went back to what made zombie movies great. The characters, not cannon fodder, CHARACTERS and STORY. They did this instead of having the crutch of so many a weak storied zombie film. I believe that this movie truly went back to what classic zombie movies were about, story and characters.

Also, I think that it has potential to go into more of the book material. It had that smooth but disjointed feel that the book had. It also has the ability to have a lot more good material to come from it. I would NOT want PG-13 zombie or horror in general for that matter to become the overall trend. Yet, I think that this is a refreshing addition to what at times has become so reliant on blood, gore, and special effects that the story and characters came second to the blood, bone, and wasted goods. It is nice to see some story instead of just gore.


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