You cannot –Let Sleeping Corpses Lie-  as you enter the –Valley of the Zombies- while Zombie Master Reviews The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Six – Secrets


{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master would like to invite you over for a bite. However, before that, I am going to review The Walking Dead episode Secrets.

This episode starts out with Carl putting Lori in her place telling her that her job is being a housewife, then he suddenly switchs into a much more serious mode saying how “everything is food for something else.” We then see Patricia take a chicken to the barn full of walkers and feed it too them. Now, maybe I am missing something here, but shouldn’t you CONSERVE your supplies when the world has kind of come to an end. So, after seeing Henny Penny dance with the barn walkers, we take another spin with the credits.


{Scene Two}


With the credits finished we return to see Glenn not very subtlety watching the barn, like someone who is thinking with his brain and not with his… *coughs* heart. Maggie comes up to him acting brainwashed by her father’s stupidity. She makes it pretty clear that she does not think having a barn full of things that would like you to BE breakfast is a bad thing.

Moving forward, Glenn acts like he has gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar with EVERYBODY, well not like Glenn has been known for much of anything other than being candy for the undead. We have a few random scenes, then we get to see Glenn walking through camp, and everyone just looks at him like he is being eccentric. When it is obvious that he is holding something back and I have to say, if I was one of them, I would have been pushing Glenn for what was up from moment one he started acting like that.

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{Scene Three}


Coming back in the group is getting ready to go learn to shoot and Patricia and Beth come up saying they want to learn to shoot as well, since Otis was the only one who knew how (seems like Otis was the only one who knew how to do a lot of things around there). Rick flat out tells them that that he will ask Hershel if it is ok because he does not trust them, understandably so.

Nooow, Carl wants to learn to shoot also… this is something I actually agree with. Everyone in the Apocalypse should learn to use a gun, and any other weapons to defend themselves no matter their age. This is one time that Rick is being smart, and Lori… is being the obnoxious twit that she is. This is not a time to coddle him, or anyone for that matter. People must realize that they will have to do anything and everything to survive.

We closing out this little hallmark moment with them all being smart for once and driving AWAY from where they live in order to keep the noise down.


{Scene Four}


Annnnd now that everyone is gone, Glenn slips about the barn and Lori to Dale. We go and get a few random scenes with everyone doing target practice and then we hop on back to Dale walking up to Hershel and letting him know that he knows his stupid little secret. Hershel makes it clear how far he has his head buried in the sand. Even questioning the ethics of the group, when he is keeping a barn full of walkers… yeah… he really cares about HUMAN life.

Soon thereafter Lori has a talk with Hershel and realizes he wants them to leave, jumping back to the gun range for a moment then right back to Lori confronting Rick about them having to leave. Rick showing his arrogance, and his own naively deluded nature, does he really think that they are just “going to work something out” with Hershel.

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{Scene Five}


After going through a few more rather inconsequential scenes we head over to the camp, and Dale “confronts” Lori in his own special way. After which we see Glenn and Maggie go into town. They go through the store that they had their first “dance” in. Maggie gets attacked by a walker… and I have to say… WHY did it not attack them while they were going on like conjoined twins?! I mean come on, you really think it just sat back, cracked open a cold one, and enjoyed the free live porn show. Methinks not… SO… Glenn comes to the rescue looking a bit like he should be wearing a red super hero cape, almost decapitating it with a shelf then using his trusty bladed weapon to finish it off.

Once Glenn and Maggie get back to camp, Maggie is furious… understandably so… and Glenn as per normal is confused. Maggie says to Glenn what he has needs to hear, that everyone looks at him like he is just walker bait at this point, which has always been the case.

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{Scene Six}


Flipping over to Shane and Andrea they are searching a house, and just as quickly are getting surrounded as they leave the house seeing that Sophia was never there. As they leave, Andrea finds herself taking out a number of zombies with ease. Then, on their way back to camp, Andrea makes it clear to Shane that she would enjoy… let’s just say… fun with him.

Moving on back to the camp, we see Lori swallows… the morning after pills. Then we see her change her mind, and vomit just as quickly. We get another couple of scenes and the Dale does not approve look, and Shane goes Mr. Squinty when Dale suggest that he should get on down the road, and Shane makes it clear that mayyybe Dale should shut up. Which is kind of understandable, Dale tries way too hard to have his nose in everyone else’s business.

Finishing up the battle between Mr. Squinty and Mr. Spring eyes. We go to Rick finding Plan B, him talking to Lori and this goes on for a moment, then she finally tells him that her and Shane were a thing for a moment while she thought he was dead. However, all Rick really has to say to it is “I know”. Like anyone could not have known with the way they were acting, heck I bet even the walkers in the BARN had figured out that Shane and Lori had had some moments together. And that is how the episode ends.


{Final Thoughts}


So… what are my thoughts? I would say the best parts of this episode are the interactions between Maggie and Glenn. They start acting more like adults, It is good to quit having the stupid Rick does not know we sooooo had sex story line, as it was just getting stupid. Overall, this is a good episode, and it was needed to progress the story along, we saw character development in MOST of the major characters. Over all, enjoyable to watch, good episode which gets us from point A to point B while getting everything ramped up for the next episode.

Annnnnd Fade to Black…



Know how to use a weapon, never get pregnant during the Apocalypse, always have a plan B, and remember Horror Never Dies…

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