During the -Plague of the Zombies-, you will find that -Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things- as you listen to Zombie Master review The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Seven Pretty Much Dead Already.


{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to give you a false sense of security while reviewing the Walking Dead season two episode Pretty Much Dead Already.

Coming in on a very ominous shot of the barn, we swing on over to the camp and watch Glenn get silent advice from Maggie and then Dale, one on the no side of things the other on the yes side of things. Glenn awkwardly blurts out to everyone that the barn is full of walkers. Which as it should sends everyone into well we live on an idiot’s farm mode. Very shortly thereafter we get the “let’s make sure Glenn is telling the truth” scene with Shane getting up close to the barn and yep! Its full of rotting walking corpses. Now, I do not really understand why they need to see for themselves, I think they can trust Glenn at his word by now.

Shane being sensible says that this either needs to be taken care of or they have got to go, Rick of course says no, then Carol tries to say because of Sophia, and Shane says what needs to be said about that. After which him and Daryl almost get in a fist fight, this splits the group quite in half. Then we get Rick once more saying he will talk to Hershel and work things out, like him and Hershel really talk. But, what will happen, I think by now we know. The same thing that happens every time, Rick flaps his gums and Hershel says “my farm, my rules” and Rick says ok.

Suddenly the Barn says hello and we take Another Bite of Credits.


{Scene Two}


After another heaping helping of credits we come back to Shane checking the security of the barn, and getting reminded that he has been disarmed. Afterward we see a short interaction between Glenn and Maggie, where she lets him know he has egg on his face… and in his hair. Bouncing back to Shane we get Carl telling him that he is full of himself and that Sophia is still alive. It would also seem that they feel the need to school Carl in things like Math, but things like oh… survival are not as important as arithmetic. However, if we add it up, Shooting plus Zombies equal good. Now, Math plus Undead equals book report or Carl dead? You be the Judge.

From there we see Daryl saddling a horse, got to wonder if he is trying to take Nervous Nelly again and does not realize it. Carol tells him to stop, she does not want to lose him too, he makes it clear he is not happy with that.

Rick and Hershel have a moment together, with Rick pleading, Hershel being as deluded as ever, and them getting nowhere. Throughout pretty any of their interactions about the walkers, all that runs through my head is {Play Clip: Weird Al – Dare to be Stupid} Rick references Bike Girl, and nothing is solved.

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{Scene Three}


Coming on out to Shane staring at the barn, Rick comes up to him and Rick has a case of the stupids as usual trying to explain why it will be ok, then finishing his desperate try to get Shane to listen to his stupidity, he tells him that Lori is Pregnant.

Trotting back to the kitchen with Maggie and Hershel, he tries to lay on his deluded logic once again, and Maggie uses his own words against him very aptly. Letting him know that she almost died because of his faulty logic and that he needs to let them stay because well… she does not want to see him be an idiot.

The moment is interrupted by Jimmy coming in saying hurriedly. “It happened again”

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{Scene Four}


Coming to Shane talking to Lori trying to get her to listen to reason. I will not deny he sounds like an obsessive, creepy, douche bag… HOWEVER, he is also saying the plain truth; Rick has never saved her or Carl’s lives. Shane always has been the one to put himself on the line to save them, and that they have lost a good number of people thanks to Rick’s inept leadership. I also believe that Shane goes waaaaay too far saying the baby is his, really they cannot know whose it is. On the other hand, Lori shows how much of a cold hearted individual she really is when tells him in essence even if it is yours, it will not be yours. I do believe that would crack just about any man who actually wanted children.


After Shane stomps away we see him tear apart the RV, then we see him find Dale about to sink the guns into the swamp?!?! That is almost as dumb as keeping a barn full of the undead… Going from moralist to ludicrous was a small step for Dale. Dale tries to threaten Shane, but cannot do it and gets moralistic again as he gives over the guns and makes it clear that he would rather be a dead moralist than a live survivalist.


{Scene Five}


We enter in on Rick and the others in the swamp, playing cowboys and undead, roping walkers… I… I… I just have to use this again because it’s all that can be said about this {Play Clip: Dare to Be Stupid}

After bouncing around a bit Glenn talks to Maggie, and they work through things, Maggie calls him walker bait and he gets pissed Glenn actually starts acting like he is growing a pair letting her know that he is tired of secrets, and Maggie makes it pretty clear she is liking the new Glenn.

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{Scene Six}


Hopping back to the porch, we see everyone coming out realizing most of the people are not around. Shane marches up and starts handing out guns, Lori of course has to start swinging her tongue because of the fact that… oooohhh he is stepping on Rick’s poor sensitive toes. Awww… Really what he is doing is making a SMART decision that Rick REFUSES to make.

Seeing Rick, Hershel, and Jimmy coming out of the woods with the new walkers, Shane more than understandably loses it. He makes a good speech and repeatedly shoots the walker that Hershel has been playing with to make his point, a point that HAD to be made. After Rick tells Shane that it is enough, Shane aptly agrees and drops Hershel’s dangerous new friend, then goes about unzipping Hershel’s barn door. So, as walkers come pouring out everyone lines up and starts taking them out, and I love the little touch of Glenn getting Maggie’s permission before going and helping. While this goes on, Rick just stands there impotently holding his stick till Shane turns around and takes out the walker on Rick’s pole. Still, Rick does nothing to help.

With everything died down, and the barn seemingly empty, Shane looks back with a smug look as Dale runs up getting to the party a little late.

Then… we hear grunting… then we have Sophia’s coming out party, we pan across to see that everyone acts accordingly, as she stumbles through the battlefield, no one moves. Of course just then Rick finally snaps away and dun… dun… dun… is the last minute hero that he always seems to be. Does not do anything the whole time, takes one shot, and gets credit for doing what needs to be done… Pulling away we see Rick’s eyes have changed and we pull away ending the mid-season finally.


{Final Thoughts}


What do I think… this episode was a good wrap up to the first half of this season. Being that it is the Mid-Season Finale, let’s look at the first half of this season. The whole “Walking Dead Season Two – The Search for Sophia” thing did get old at a lot of points, especially looking back on it that they never really actually looked for her very hard or very much, but the epic end of the arc makes up for it. The Maggie and Glenn romance has been a bit to high school so far in my opinion for two people who are in their twenties. The whole Shane/Lori/Rick thing just gets more head shaking as time goes on. Overall I can say that it was a good first half a season. Now this episode specifically was a bit spotty in places however good overall. People are still being as stupid as ever, but I do like pretty much all the developments in this episode, and the ending is epic. So, great episode, and just amazing first half of the season…

Annnnnnd Fade to Black!



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