When the –Redneck Zombies- come to blows at the last –Outpost- you will find that they –Awaken the Dead- while Zombie Master reviews The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Ten 18 Miles Out.


{Scene One}

Hell is Full, and Zombie Master wants to pick your brain, but before he does he will be reviewing the Walking Dead episode 18 Miles Out.

We open up with walkers chasing Shane, hopping quickly over to Randall going for a knife, and then back to Shane making it to a bus that seems like an OoooK place to be at that point.

Then we are given Credits.


{Scene Two}


After finding that they give good Credit, we see that Rick is driving Shane’s car, and we get kind of a reflection of when they were partners, since it was probably Rick who always drove. We get the name of the episode referenced really quickly, then they get out because Rick wants to talk.

Rick confronts Shane about well… *deadpan* everything *end deadpan*. Shane makes it perfectly clear to Rick that he knows Rick would’ve not killed Otis to save Carl, and also that there was nothing with Lori before Shane thought Rick was dead. Rick makes it plain to Shane that things with Lori and him are over, and in essence parrots Lori’s words that even if the baby is Shane’s it is not his. Which, as I have said before, I believe would snap any man who wants children.

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{Scene Three}


Going to Maggie and Lori talking about Glenn’s reaction to getting shot at by Randall, Lori starts spewing out a bunch of sexist dribble, and Maggie seems to eat it up.

Flipping back to Rick and Shane… MAYBE… just maybe Rick is getting a little smarter. Rick makes it clear that they need to use their knives more, they talk about Randall and giving him a fair break and Shane gets out to survey the land. Then they go about stabbing a walker in the head, which is a really nice nod for any of us who have read the comics.


Shane and Rick walk through the Mert County Department of Public Works which looks to have been turned in to a refugee center (that’s never a good sign…), and Shane finds a bus. Oh wait… *sighs* *deadpan* That means the beginning was a flash forward… *end deadpan* We shall see what happens. Then they come upon two dead cops and this goes through my head {Play Clip – Fuck the Police}, and they go about trying to figure out how they died since they don’t have any bites. After which they finally pull a duct taped Randall out. This all seems pretty pointless to me, and maybe I am cold hearted. However, risking your life, wasting some of the little fuel you have, just to set some guy who was shooting at you the day before loose does not seem very sensible to me.


{Scene Four}


Jumping back to the farm, Lori finds that Beth has a knife, and takes it from her. Panicking, she goes looking for Maggie or Hershel, and cannot find them, and for once Lori has a regular reaction to something. Going back to Shane an Rick getting ready to leave Randall, he is begging and lets it out that he went to school with Maggie. Which not only is a big mistake but is stupid on his part, they have made it pretty clear they do not want him to know where they are. Yet, he goes about telling them all about WHY THEY SHOULD kill him in essence.

Rick wants to take time to think, with Shane rightly says that there is not much to think about, after all this is a hostile that Rick wants to bring in their midst. I also agree with Shane that the right choice is the one that keeps them alive.

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{Scene Five}


Moving forward Shane snaps, tired of having someone acting like they are trying to keep people he cares about safe but always wanting to play Dudley Do Right. After which, Shane and Rick proceed to beat each other senseless for a little bit while Randall tries to go for the knife. Shane gets a hold of his gun and goes for Randall… Rick stops him going a little Conan about it, after which Shane throws a wrench into the works unknowingly freeing a small tidal wave of walkers.

Switching back to the farm we see Maggie and Beth naturally fight about Beth wanting to commit suicide. Going to Lori and Andrea, Andrea starts standing up for her opinions, telling Lori that the only way Beth will make it through is if she chooses to make it through. Lori comes back with the most sexist, most vile figging things she has said so far in the entire series. Pretty much telling Andrea that she needs to do woman’s work, that the men can handle things, next Lori will be telling all the women that they need to just wear pretty dresses so that they can please the men folk better. I really want Lori to die very painfully, this scene shows to me that Lori is even more deluded and more dangerous than Rick or Hershel thinking that job chores should be given out based on the sex of the person when Andrea shoots better than most of the men if not all of them excluding Shane and maybe Rick. Andrea does come back wonderfully; finally seeing someone tell Lori how insane, stupid, and deluded she is, is a wonderful moment.

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{Scene Six}


We momentarily go back to Shane and Rick, seeing Shane get on the bus that we saw him get on in the beginning. He cuts open his hand to feed the walkers a bit of Shane Juice, so that he can kill them.

Over to the farm again, we see Andrea talks Maggie into letting her watch Beth for a little bit. Shortly after Maggie leaves, Andrea gives Beth the chance to kill herself if she wants too. Shortly thereafter Beth tries to kill herself. Though I would not give up I can see why some people would, in the face of what looks like hopelessness in this situation, opting out maybe best for some people.

Briefly going back to Rick saving Shane, Randall gets a little too happy for the moment it would seem to me. Just as quickly we are back at the house and Maggie tells Andrea off very clearly, and though I agree with what Andrea did, I also do not blame Maggie for her reaction. After all, the person failed to keep someone safe that Maggie loves, on the other hand I believe Andrea likely SAVED Beth’s life. Because she allowed it to happen in a more controlled environment instead of Beth waiting till some time that people would not catch her.

Going back to Shane and Rick again, I have to wonder why they taped Randall back up unless they just wanted him to not hear them talk, which is possible. He has already admitted that he knows where they live, not like seeing where they are going is going to matter…

Rick makes his case to Shane, trying to get him to listen to “Rick type logic” and we end the episode with Shane just staring off into the distance.


{Final Thoughts}


My thoughts, this episode was good, the fight between Rick and Shane was amazing, this was a filler episode. However, it was still enjoyable to watch, and it shows even more clearly why Lori is a sexist, worthless, little figging twit who needs to be tossed off a cliff! It was great to finally see Rick and Shane come to blows and get more of the animosity out in the open. It IS a good episode, but I will say if it had not been for the fight scene and the wave of walkers, it would have been ok at best. Those two things REALLY make this episode.


Annnnnd Fade to Black!



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