During the –War of the Zombies- they chant –I Eat Your Skin- at –The House of Seven Corpses- as Zombie Master Reviews The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Eleven Judge, Jury, Executioner.


{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to divide and conquer while reviewing The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Judge, Jury, Executioner.

We open up on Daryl beating the tar out of Randall. When he tries to deny everything, Daryl gets more serious. He pulls out his knife, but Randall still only gives him some very basic information. Not happy with this Daryl continues to ask questions, finally digging into the scab on Randall’s leg. Randall gives up some real information finally, but tries also to play innocent. Then he starts running his mouth about how his group raped two girls and made the father watch and this goes through my head. {Play Clip – Your suffering will be legendary even in Hell.}. Though Randall tries to say he did not do anything, he seems to be having a bit too much pleasure remembering the story when he tells it. After which, Daryl kicks him hard in his wounded leg.

Finally finishing out the scene the Credits come speeding at us.


{Scene Two}


Not dodging another time with the credits, we come in on people asking Rick for a plan. Daryl comes up and lets Rick know that this guy’s people are NOT safe to say the least. Lori pushes Rick for what they are going to do, and Rick makes the good decision that Randall is a threat and we of course see the “Dale does not approve” look.

Dale follows Rick saying that there needs to be a process and Dale looks like he is going to cry. What does Dale think that they will do? “Oh, you’re a hostel enemy who want to cause us great harm. We have no jail cells; we have no way of holding you or keeping you from bringing your group back here. But… Oh well… we still got to act like it is a court room.” Dale goes about allllsoooo using Carl against Rick, because it is a pain when everyone knows your one true weakness.

Dale does sway Rick enough so that Rick gives him till sunset “all western style” to change people’s minds. Going to Dale asking Andrea to guard Randall because he believes that Shane will just kill him, we find out that at one time Andrea was a civil rights lawyer, but now she seems to realize that this world that they live in is no longer civilized. Staying alive is about choice in a post-apocalyptic world the choice that keeps you alive is the right one period.

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{Scene Three}


Jumping a few not so needed scenes, Andrea makes it clear to Shane that she is on his side. Shane believes that they are not going to go through with killing Randall WHEN THEY SHOULD, and that is a serious problem.

Shane makes it very clear that he wants to start a mutiny, and he does not think it would be dangerous. I think this time Shane is the deluded one. Yes, there might be some that would go with him, Andrea maybe, possibly T-Dog, even maybe Carol. The problem for Shane, is that the ONLY one of the group that would go with him that could really be useful with a gun is Andrea. However, Rick would have Dale, Hershel, and Daryl. Plus… well… everyone else. I think Shane is not being reasonable in that he would be completely out gunned. Going on…

Carl sneaks in and meets Randall; Randall goes about trying to manipulate Carl which is actually rather funny as Carl just sits there staring at Randall rather sociopathically while Randall tries unsuccessfully to get information out of him. Finally, Carl climbs down the ladder to take a closer look at Randall, and the scene comes to an end with Shane coming in pulling Carl out and scolding him.


{Scene Four}


Moving forward, Dale tries talking Daryl into being on his side, saying that it is more than Carol that is worried about him. Here is the thing; you think that a man who has pretty much just shrugged off his own brother’s death is going to REALLY give a sheet in the wind about some guy who he doesn’t even know?!? I mean, Dale seems to be smarter than this… But, in the end, Daryl says that the group is broken, that Rick has overlooked Shane killing Otis.

We go from there to Lori talking to good ol’ Sherriff Rick with the hangin’ rope; an she thinks if him and Shane agree then it is time to get some good old fashioned lynchin’ underway.

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{Scene Five}


Skipping ahead, a little we see Hershel make it perfectly clear to Dale that he has lost all confidence in himself. But NOW has total confidence in Rick… which seems a bit off kilter when you stop and think about the fact that he gives full credit to Rick for waking him up from his foolish little dream. When it WAS SHANE who did what needed to be done, WHEN it was SHANE who actually woke him up from his own lies, and IT was SHANE who helped them to be safer… But, Hershel will do what Rick thinks is best

We slide on over to Carl checking out Daryl’s camp, seeing Daryl’s squirrel collection, and then going about stealing Daryl’s gun. From there he goes into the woods and goes about throwing rocks at a walker.

Then we get… Dale… talking… to Shane… trying to change his mind. And I agree with Shane that takes testicular fortitude. Now, Shane says if Dale can change their minds he will not do anything, but I would not trust Shane… I may agree with him about safety a lot, but he is not exactly the follower type.

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{Scene Six}


Pushing forward, for once Lori actually has an opinion of her own. She does support Rick but she thinks he is wrong too bad Rick has to pull it out of her. Going back to Carl playing with the walker until it half frees its self, Carl gets scared drops the gun and runs away. Switch back to the house, it would seem that Jimmy does not get a say in matters either because well… he is just a background character anyway.

Soooo… they have an awkward conversation, Glenn does not agree with Dale, and both of them look like they are about to cry. Carol makes it clear that she prefers to have her decisions made for her, and Dale lashes out of her. The conversation ends with everyone but Dale and Andrea agreeing that Randall must die. Dale huffs and puffs off like they blew his house down, annnd agrees with Daryl that the group is broken.

We get a scene of them walking Randall to the barn, asking him for final words… But… of course Carl has his most wonderful timing coming up and wanting to watch and tells Rick to do it, annnnd that of course ends that as Rick’s weakness is glaring.

We head on over to Dale, and we see him wandering in the field finding an eviscerated cow. Now, personally, I think I would have started running like the figging wind the moment I thought even the smallest thing seemed funny. However, Dale just trots on up to said eviscerated cow and stares at it in disbelief, then turning and being face to face will his personal Grim Reaper. He gets attacked pretty quickly and starts screaming. Everyone, starts running to Dale but before they can get there, it takes a deeper path eviscerating Dale with its hands. Daryl finally rips it off of him, putting a knife in its skull. Seeing that there is no way to save him… Rick goes to shoot Dale… Everyone including Shane is extremely upset understandably, Daryl takes Rick’s gun and does what must be done, and we close out the episode.


{Final Thoughts}


My final take on this episode is that it was great. It had its ups and downs, it was quite well paced and it was just as enjoyable to watch as the first time. Seeing Dale die again, is still upsetting, at the same time watching it a second time actually made it better. Seeing how the episode was totally focused on Dale, it was a great goodbye, to a character that though I did not agree with him much he was very likeable.

annnnd Fade to Black!



Never play with walkers, Know beef can kill you, Always have your own opinion and Remember HORROR Never Dies…

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