If you see the -Shrunken Heads- on -Sugar Hill- you should fear the -Vengeance of the Zombies- while Zombie Master reviews The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Thirteen – Beside the Dying Fire


{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is looking to cast the first stone while he reviews The Walking Dead episode Beside the Dying Fire. Opening up we see walkers in a number of familiar settings in Atlanta and it would seem that they are some slow eaters because it looks like they are still chowing down on that poor horse from the first episode. We see the helicopter going overhead and the walkers start following it. We see them seeming to follow the same path our own little Donner party followed. Piling up, breaking through the fence and I have to ask… wouldn’t the front ones have gotten at least a broken back or something to stop them walking? Crawling maybe, but not walking… anyway, they move on and the dinner bell gets rung by the gunshot fired when Rick killed Shane. Then we see the heard coming at Rick and Carl as they just unwittingly walk back towards the farm. After which we Crack open a fresh set a Credits!

{Scene Two}


Now that the Credits have gone stale we go back to our fresh episode, we see Andrea readying herself to go look for the men just as Glenn and Daryl get back. When they get back they inform everyone both that Randall was dead and that he was a walker without getting bit also stating the obvious that Shane is not a tracker, and he obviously killed Randall.

We go back to Rick and Carl, and Rick finally notices the heard, having an appropriate reaction. We get mixed reactions from the rest of the group as they notice it. Glenn just wanting to hide in basement and Daryl makes it clear that might not be the best idea. Now I can say, if Glenn was Dorothy, and this was Kansas then they might be able to wait it out in a storm cellar… but I do not think that will work in rural Georgia unless someone had a fall out shelter installed in the fifties.

We get to see Rick and Carl just barely make it into the Barn, guess it was a good thing that Shane emptied that out in Pretty Much Dead Already… then we get Lori FINALLY realizing that Carl is gone… *deadpan* I am shaking my head at her *end deadpan*, I mean… by now if she wanted him to stay in the house she should have pretty much HANDCUFFED Carl to her. Not went flittering about acting like the figging queen bee. We jump back to Rick and Carl in the barn listening and watching the walkers slowly ripping through the door.

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{Scene Three}


Going back to the house, we see guns getting handed out, and Maggie shocks Glenn by being able to shoot. Which is a little silly in my opinion since Glenn is smart enough to realize she grew up country, and trust me this a great majority of those country girls can shoot a thousand times better than any gangbanger you’ll find.

Hershel shows how big a pair he really has annnd how dense he can be but he still gets an A for effort, when he tells Daryl that he is going to take on the entire heard. At the barn again, we see Rick give Carl a Zippo, and then he douses the barn in gasoline, makes tons of noise opens up the door and barely makes it up the ladder before Carl has a “Zippo Drop” scene setting the barn and all of the walkers in it on fire. Officially… if one stops ta think about it… making Carl the member of the party that has killed the most undead at this point by far, funny enough.

We get to see Lori going nuts over the fact that Carl is missing, and frankly even if I do fault her for not keeping a better eye on him. I do not blame her for going nuts about it at this point, what I DO find funny is that time has shown us if it was Lori missing at this point everyone would be up in arms. However, with Carl not there, they are all like eeeh he can take care of himself or he’s probably with Rick.

We get to Jimmy driving the Eagle Five up to the barn, and I have to ask. Why is JIMMY figging driving it?!?! He did not know Dale… anyway… Rick and Carl take the cue and get out of the burning barn, and we get to see Jimmy Dean become a sausage, but why he opened the door in the first place I’ll never know. With that Rick and Carl make it into the woods away from the main area.

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{Scene Four}


From there, we get to see Hershel act like Rambo up to having what seems a never ending ammo as we  see him just keep going, and going, and going, and this goes through my head {Play Clip – Eye of the Tiger} *dead pan* Yes… I know that is from Rocky, not Rambo, *end dead pan* JUST how my mind works. *laugh* Anyway… reloading is rare because Hershel has God mode on. Carol finally gets Lori to listen (interestingly enough), while Carol goes for the rest of the women Lori pulls out a gun and does something exceedingly rare… *dead pan* makes herself useful *end dead pan* She goes about taking out some walkers and trying to get Hershel to leave but he will not listen. She finally gives up and she meets up with the other women and they start moving toward the cars. We see Patricia get attacked by three walkers and all I can think is “Goodbye another character that had so few lines and we never really knew, hope you have a good trip… in… their stomachs… heh heh hehee” Lori saves Beth’s life as we hear the last sounds of walkers munching side characters.

Somehow Carol gets surrounded while Lori and Beth do not… all I can guess is getting to far ahead or to far behind. Strength in NUMBERS people… Strength in numbers. Andrea and T-Dog pull up in the truck and Andrea jumps out to save Carol. Being quite the badass, however it looks that she gets eaten and T-Dog and the rest drive off and Carol goes who knows where then we see Andrea flip the dead walker off of her and Andrea may need a bath but she’s still breathing.

We see Maggie and Glenn finally get off the farm, and then Rick come up to Hershel who just now FINALLY needs to reload. Rick makes it clear that Hershel is coming with him, and an they drive off Andrea runs up just moments too late to catch the Last Train to Clarksville. And in our final moments on the farm, we see Daryl just sitting back watching the farm burn and this plays on the radio in my mind {Play Clip – Talking Heads ~ Burning Down the House} Daryl hears screams and finds Carol somehow still alive without even firing a shot and we so thankfully finally leave the farm for good.


{Scene Five}


Next, we go about seeing everyone’s reaction, Maggie is freaking out, and Glenn tries to calm her down. We see Rick’s little party make it to where they left supplies for Sophia. And we jump on over to T-Dog, Lori, and Beth seeing Lori damn near jump out of a moving vehicle (I wish she had) to get T-Dog to turn around and he drives deep into a ditch for some reason. I do think it would have been hilarious if he had gotten them stuck. Going back to Rick, Hershel, and Carl for some reason all that I can think is {Play Clip – Amigo Salute from The Three Amigos} odd brain… anyway…

Everyone shows up and they go over their losses, two pieces of fodder and at least they believe one main character. When it comes to Andrea, Daryl wants to go back for her, but Rick makes the good point that she is either dead or not there. We finally see everyone driving off once more thinning out the number of cars. As our little caravan of the damned moves onward we pan in on the washed away writing only really seeing Sophia’s name left… Awww… BYE FARM!

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{Scene Six}


Hopping over we see that Andrea did indeed make it, we see her running with the gun bag that they left behind. Shooting walkers an finally needing to reload because she is not Hershel Rambo and she has to run harder after the gun jams. Going back to Rick we find that Rick is almost out of gas, and Daryl is in the lead as usual. After they stop Rick decides that they will stay for the night, and they bicker back and forth then it comes out that Shane killed Randall and Randall turned without getting bit and then… comes… the big reveal… we finally learn that Jenner told Rick that everyone is infected. Everyone looks shocked. Flipping the switch it is now night and everyone’s set up camp, everyone is upset at Rick for not letting them know about being infected before. He just looks tired of it and walks away.

Lori follows him, trying to comfort him and he lets it out that he killed Shane… and after all of her talking of how dangerous Shane was, after all her playing the two of them against each other. Which does she do? Say how sorry she is… no she will not even let him get near her. She is pissed off at him, for what is HER fault! She should have gotten eaten. I mean, at that point what was Rick supposed to do? Just let Shane kill him? Anyway…!

We go back to Andrea and she is still running looking worn out understandably, I mean… one has to consider how long she has been going. Who know the exact time line but long enough that everyone found each other and drove long enough in order to run out of gas. We see her take out a couple more walkers and then fall down. A mysterious stranger, who if you have read the comic you know who it is saves Andrea.

After that we go back one final time to our ragtag little group. Everyone is in their little cliques, talking of how they don’t feel comfortable with Rick and that they should go it on their own. Rick finally tells everyone that they are not going off in the dark, and Carol starts getting confidence and standing up for herself which I think is great… just bad timing. As Rick tells everyone that he killed his best friend for them, an that it was Shane that came at him first all that goes through my head is this {Play Clip – DMX – Party Up (Up in Here) Ya’ll Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind} Everyone reacts, Carl starts bawling, everyone looks shocked, terrified and/or dumbfounded. He tells them in so many words if they want to leave they should not let the door hit them in the ass on the way out. In the final moments of his tirade, he makes it clear that it is his rules from now on.

Pulling away, everyone looks colder, but not from the weather. Pulling away further… We see the prison, which one will have to read the comics or watch the third season to know how significant this is, and thus ends season two of The Walking Dead.


{Final Thought}


My final thoughts, as this was the season finale, I feel I should do a little recap of my thoughts on the full second season. Though I think that the first half an the “Search for Sophia” story arc was drawn out WAY too long. I think that the second half of the season made up for that in its entirety. I think it really built up everything in a superb way, this season during the “Sophia” arc looked like it could end up being dreadful. However, it pulled back like a whip about to snap and really hit its stride it seems to me. Well done, though hopefully they will not waste half of the third season on a number of less than stellar episodes.

On how I see this episode, it was a great way to close out the season. It was going to take something drastic to get them off the farm which I wanted to happen for most of the season anyway. I think it was written, acted, and pulled off beautifully. I think that seeing what seems to be the slow decline into madness for Rick is being done masterfully. An I think that the camera work throughout this entire episode was awesome, and we got to thin out some useless characters, while briefly introducing a much more important one.

Awesome Episode Indeed.

Annnnnd Fade to Black!




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