{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to awaken the dead and in this episode of Horror Never Dies, I will be reviewing The Walking Dead Season Three episode Sick. We come in right where we left off with everyone working to keep Hershel alive, stump and all. We see the prisoners come out and there is a bit of “What is going on?!”. We see them gather up Hershel as the prisoners wonder if they are a rescue team… Oh! Silly… silly… guess you did not get the memo! {Play Clip:  Great Big Sea’s Version ~ Quote “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”} After gathering Hershel on a food cart our friends make their way out. Finishing up we pan over Hershel’s disembodied leg and the prisoners and then it is that time again boys and girls! {Play Clip: Kids Voices – What time Zombie Master!?} Credits Time!


{Scene Two}


Foraging ahead we see the party goers get back to their cell block with Hershel, *said monotone* everyone reacts as expected *end monotone*. Then the prisoners make their way there, but Daryl is at the ready as the prisoners come in. This goes through my head {Play Clip: Inner Circle – Bad Boys}, Daryl holds them at bay while we get to see a back and forth between them and our Merry Men. They go over the apocalypse and the fact that pretty much everyone is dead and there is nothing left. They finally go outside and survey all that has gone on. It does not take long for the leader of the jail birds who we find out have been stuck in a cafeteria for ten months to start trying to bully Rick… let’s just say they come to an uneasy truce. Another way of putting it, you give us food and we might let you convicts stay.


{Scene Three}


We come back in on Carol taking care of Hershel, but quickly go over to Rick getting the food from the boys in blue. They try to be stingy with the food, Rick makes it clear that is not going happening then finds that the freezer was their toilet… We go back with the rest of the group and it would seem Maggie is trying to give up on Hershel going so far as trying to get Beth to as well. We see Rick come back and Lori tries talking him into killing the prisoners… wow she is a blood thirsty little thing. You just know though, if he does she will turn on him again, just like she did with Shane. We go back to Rick and everyone trying to explain to the new kids in town how to kill the biters, but they seem not to listen. One more hop back and we get to see Maggie telling her father to go ahead and die…


{Scene Four}


Getting back to Rick and the little rascals we get to see the prisoners trying to take out their first biters. The problem… they did not listen to anything… they go about shanking, curb stomping, and pretty much just acting like gangland thugs. Rick, T-Dog, and Daryl go about just rolling their eyes. We segway ourselves back to our favorite invalid and see Carl come back being more useful than any other time in the series. Having found the infirmary and gotten what they needed to keep Hershel alive.

Yet, of course he gets berated by Lori for doing it, and when he stands up for himself he gets scolded by Beth for talking like that to his mother… The things Beth seems to forget is that ONE of Hershel’s cows could have made a better mother for Carl than Lori ever has!

Going back to the cons they finally seem to be getting the point of GO for the Brains! However, Big Tiny stupidly backs up and we get to watch a zombie rip its own hand off and rip him open. He is not bit yet when the rest get there we see them going over what to do with him. The leader of the prisoners, who had been in the same room with the man for ten months, goes about bashing his brains in. Quite literally in a way that would make a serial killer squirm, coming up covered in the man’s blood. Their valiant leader looks delighted to finally have gotten to kill someone again.


{Scene Five}


Hopping over we see that Carol wants her very own walker to play doctor with and this goes through my head. {Play Clip: Operation! ~ I’m the doctor for you!} That way she can deliver the baby in lieu of Hershel. We swiftly move on over with Rick and the Inmates, Rick and Daryl make it clear they are watching the leader as they go to open the other cell block. When leader boy opens the doors a gush of walkers come in and kill them they do. Yet, the leader both tries to take out Rick with a wide swing of his weapon. Which Rick dodges gracefully then the guy throws a walker at Rick. After all the walkers are clear there is a tense moment between Rick and Tomas which ends VERY abruptly when Rick embeds his machete into the man’s skull.

From there we mosey on back to the farmer’s daughter and see Hershel stop breathing. *solemn tone* Maggie does nothing… *end tone* Beth comes in and sees what is happening and calls for help. In runs Lori… who’s stupidity pays off for once. She gives Hershel mouth to mouth and he starts breathing again… HOWEVER… I ha….ve to pause for a moment… *pause*

Ok… you are in this zombie apocalypse. You KNOW everyone is infected and the time that it takes for each individual to come back is different… yet you going to give a man who looks that he just died mouth to mouth resuscitation. Good way to lose part of your face. Compassion breeds stupidity in this case. He would not be getting the old life saving lip lock from me if I were there. Sorry, I prefer to live.

Anyway… We pull away after he seems to be fine seeing Carl pointing his gun at him. Which does make Carl look like he can take care of business better than most that are there… amusingly enough.


{Scene Six}


Closing out the episode we go to Rick having our last two felons on their knees, he spares the two. Oscar and Axel who has a rocking stache, and gives them their own cell block and when they say it is sick Rick’s posse tells the inmates that they are the lucky ones. Going back to Hershel’s room Rick gets back, our faithful farmer whom we shall now call stumpy wakes up and takes Rick’s hand. A gesture of thanks I am guessing, but it could also be indigestion and/or he needs to get to the bathroom. After all, he has yet to speak since becoming white beard the pirate. We hop on outside and see Carol and her corpse giving us a nice panty shot of a zombie… something I could have lived the rest of my undead life without seeing. Sorry, corpse or not I like my girls living. We know someone is watching her …other than us… as the view changes to the woods. We go to one final scene were Lori is trying talk to Rick about things but he gives her the finger verbally and goes to do stuff. I laugh my figging butt off as Rick walks away from the worthless use of flesh that Lori is and we end the episode.


{Final Thoughts}


So my thoughts… another awesome episode, I loved how some things might have been predictable. For example the inmates going gangland style, other things such as… Hershel surviving and the suddenness of Rick taking out the leader of the inmates were completely out of nowhere.

If there is anything I can say that was negative about this episode, I cannot find it. All around it delivered both the zombie goodness and the character development that is amazing about this show. To top it off ending with something that I had wanted to see for a good portion of the series, Rick making it clear that Lori is a lying sack of spit and a terrible wife was just the cherry on top of an already superb episode…

Annnnnnd Fade to Black!

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