{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to dig your grave as he reviews The Walking Dead episode Say the Word. We enter in on what is obviously Woodbury, children happily playing, people very obviously trying to ignore the fact that the world has ended. Milton brings Andrea a cold beverage and they chat, he is cryptic about what will be going on later obviously knowing the truth of the matter. Michonne looks on disapprovingly then goes off annoyed. We go to the Governor brushing a child’s hair… when a clump falls out… what the figging fig! He is brushing a zombie’s hair. We meet his little girl Penny who it would seem has been a zombie for quite some time. He works on putting her down for a “nap” which we see includes putting a bag over her head like some internment camp prisoner. He glances out the window and sees Michonne staring up at him and we get our weekly injection of Credits!


{Scene Two}


Coming back from the Credits we find the prison gang right where we left them last week. With Rick in shock Daryl becomes the de facto leader. Getting everyone on task, it is decided that he and Maggie will be going to get baby formula, and he has Beth watch after Carl which I do not think Carl will mind in the least. We see Rick take an AX and go Evil Dead on the zombies in the cell block while Maggie looks REALLY good on the back of a motorcycle.

We slide on back to Woodbury and see the Gov give a rousing little speech to his flock. Then over to Michonne at his place getting back her Katana and reading through his notebook where we see the obvious names of residents who turned. As she is reading Mr. G, Merle, and Milton come in, we see them have a conversation while Michonne hides. When they leave we see the window blind flap in the wind… OOOOoooo… Then we are with Michonne in nondescript place number 78, where she finds a bunch of walkers caged up. She frees them and goes Pulp Fiction style on them all. Having quickly dispensed of them we see someone drop a chum bucket and we go to commercial.


{Scene Three}


We come back in on the Governor having a little sit down with Michonne, trying his car salesman smile on her *eye roll in voice* as always *end roll*. She makes it clear with the point of her blade that it will not work on her. We go back to the prison and see Glenn digging graves, Oscar and Axel offer help, for a moment Glenn refuses. Yet, it does not take much to change his mind.
So with them at work, he walks up to Hershel and we get a little bit of T-Dog’s back story… (Little late now guys.) Glenn shows us that behind his everything will be ok exterior he is become as much of a xenophobic S.O.B. as most other people. We go back to Mr. G playing Andrea like the well oiled machine she has become for him, she goes to talk to Michonne… HOWEVER, of course Michonne sounds like a crazy woman to the awestruck Andrea who is looking at the Governor like a teenage girl looking at a rock God.

We make our way back to the prison and Glenn goes into the cell block looking for Rick… when he finds him all that goes through my head is {Play Clip: The Shining ~ Heeeerrrree’s Johnny!} no words are needed to show that Rick is about twelve beers short of a six pack… cooompletely loony tunes!


{Scene Four}


We go on to seeing the sound maker and the Governor’s walker pit. Merle, Milton, and some others go about pulling them out and playing with the walkers. We hop over to Maggie and Daryl seemly having found a daycare center. They find the supplies they need… but I have to just mention… why does Daryl look like he should be wearing a sombrero?!?! Anyway…

After Daryl gets them a opossum for dinner we head on over to see that Mr. G planned ahead as Andrea and Michonne go to leave annnnnd of course Merle is all but farting rainbows and Unicorns while singing the theme to My Little Pony as he lets them out… at least the best he can. Andrea begs Michonne to stay, and she in her own way does the same by asking Andrea to come along in the first place. We see Merle close the gate as the Last Samurai walks into the distance and we go to break.


{Scene Five}


In we come on Mr. G walking up to Andrea and comforting her, pretty much asking her back to his place for a drink annnnd well… some “comfort“. Now at the prison we see Maggie and Daryl get back, coming in there is some rejoicing and Daryl seems to be good with babies and starts feeding the infant. Asking Carl about names… Carl goes about listing every female character who has died (or who they think has died) since the beginning of the show and all that I can think is {Play Clip: MST3K – Robot Roll Call!}.

In crazy town with Rick he finds Lori’s wedding ring and the walker who it would seem gorged on the Lori sushi roll that had been left out. I image that this walker is the former warden of the prison. No real reason why… just I do. Rick holds it down, puts his gun or should I say hand cannon in its mouth and pulls the trigger… while pressing his cheek against the butt of the gun.
Now… I just have to say… Rick should be deaf a number of times over, but this is one of the most ridiculous moments. (At least he reacted to it in the tank in season one.) He should have blood coming out of at least that ear he just fired a HIGH caliber weapon in an ENCLOSED space with HIS ear NEXT too it… I… I… I… Moving on…


{Scene Six}


At Woodbury again we finally get to see the Arena! Now… Merle and what’s his name fight surrounded by walkers, however anyone who has read the comics or the novels will tell you this area is NOTHING compared to those. We get to see Andrea for once seem bothered by something the Governor has done and we go to the graveyard and see Daryl… ugh… put a Cherokee Rose on Carol’s grave. If you could see me right now… you would know. I am rolling my eyes.

Anyway… we finish up with Rick sitting listen to a baby crying then suddenly… a telephone… Rings… and this goes through my head… {Play Clip: Queen ~ Crazy Little Thing Called Love} annd the Credits roll.


{Final Thoughts}


How about my final thoughts… this was another fantastic episode! We got a taste of the Arena, we got to see Rick take the short bus to Grand Central crazy. As well as seeing Maggie on the back on Daryl’s bike was a tasty treat, Michonne off on her own was a nice touch as well. Overall… an awesome episode without a doubt.


Annnnnnd Fade to Black!

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