{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to play with fire as he reviews The Walking Dead Episode Hounded. Entering in we see Merle on the search for Michonne with three other guys. They end up walking up to a biter gram left by Michonne that says go back.

Merle laughs then gives Gargulio a rousing pep talk (Merle style of course). Michonne appears out of nowhere making quick work of two of the four men. Merle fires and grazes her as Gargulio stands in shock covered in blood (you would think by now everyone would be kind of used too it).

We see Michonne disappear off into the woods and we get another heaping helping of Credits!


{Scene Two}


Once we are done with that we see Rick and his phone call of the damned, he talks to a woman who says she’s is in a beautiful place (whatever that is at this point). Unnamed voice asks a few questions acting saner than anyone in ages and then goes about letting Rick know that she will call back in two hours.

Going back over to Merle, he lets Gargulio know that they need to get hunting as they are being hunted (by Michonne). He gives the poor boy another Marlesque speech and they put down their two dead friends. Back at the prison Rick comes in looking like he just had a nice long hot shower… which is pretty odd with the time frame we are working with here. He refuses pretty much any help shrugs and oks their plans then to go back to the boiler block I keep think thinking of Freddy Kruger…

Over with Andrea she and the Governor have a nice little talk and she lets him know that she wants to contribute. One more time we are over with Rick and now he is on the phone with unknown male voice. The guy starts asking him sensible questions, which would worry me more than crazy ones at this point. He hangs up because Rick won’t answer and Rick gets a wee bit upset and we go to commercial.


{Scene Three}


Back at Woodbury we see Andrea on the wall with Haley, who is bragging about her bow and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… who would not have had to put down family and friends at this point in the zombie apocalypse? I mean… at this point I guess “I killed my dad. On yeah… Well, I had to kill my wife!” would become the new my house is bigger than your house. We see Andrea make a fubar jumping off the wall killing a walker when we are shown that Haley was just a braggart.

Rick at the Prison is waiting for his next hallucination… OH! I mean phone call! When Hershel comes in and tries to cheer him up a little but that does not work. Yet, the look on Hershel’s face is priceless when Rick tells him that he got a phone call. Hershel has the appropriate response which is “What? ” which has a “maybe I should take two steps back from the crazy man” sound too it. Well… that is if Hershel could take steps… *laughs* anyway Rick politely tells Hershel to go and we end that moment of what in the name of Thor’s hammer is going on here.


{Scene Four}


Over with Merle we see him and Gargulio still on the hunt for Michonne, she jumps out of nowhere and slices Gargulio across the stomach while kicking Merle to the ground. Quickly Michonne ends up in a bath of guts when a bunch of walkers descend upon them and Gargulio saves Merle’s life.

At the prison we listen to Daryl tell Carl a story about his mom. First I have to ask myself if Daryl’s story is a complete fabrication since it seems awfully coincidental. However it does fit his character, also it is funny when Carl is just like “I shot my mom” with no remorse. Makes me smile, good to see he’s really coming into his own as a little sociopath.

Heading back to Woodbury we see Mr. G and Andrea make googlely eyes at each other as he chastises her for jumping over the wall (making me want to retch). She admits that she liked the arena as they continue flirting (Ahhh… how easily taken in she is).

One more time back with Merle and Gargulio we see that Gargulio has gotten all gung-ho about going and getting Michonne… we see he is not the brightest apple in the basket when he tells Merle he will not lie to the Gov… Merle proceeds to make him feel all good about it… then shoots him in the head and we have another commercial break.


{Scene Five}


Getting back to basics we see Michonne coming out of the woods seeing a small flock of rotters coming at her. She starts to draw her sword but pauses for a moment. She realizes that the stench of guts makes them think she is one of their own. Back with Rick he gets another one of his creepy calls this time we see they know his name (he had yet to tell them it.)

Over with Michonne she is stepping into a little town when the love pups Maggie and Glenn show up. We see them make their way into some baby store and we take a jaunt over to see the Governor and Andrea flirt some more and then start making out… *deadpan* yay. *end deadpan*

Back in town we see the voyeur watching our lovely couple suddenly become a threesome when Merle shows up and joins the party. Now… Glenn and Maggie but especially Glenn should have just shot him right there on the spot while the opportunity was there… at least knee cap him. I mean If I where Glenn I would remember two things.  One, the guy was impossible to deal with and more importantly we left him on a roof to die. I would not figure he was there to make friends. Yes, they would have to hide it from his brother… small price to pay. Buuuut no. They keep trying to debate til’ Merle gets the jump on them and we see Michonne watch them all drive off seemingly toward Woodbury…


{Scene Six}


Next we see Oscar, Carl, and Daryl clearing out more of the prison. Oscar finds some footwear and we have an amusing moment with all three of them taking out a single walker that surprises them. Back with Rick we see him still having the phone conversation of the damned… he soon learns that he has been talking to a number of people who are already dead. Including Lori… the look on his face can be explained by only one quote… {Play Clip: Fight Club – We have just lost cabin preassure.}

Over with Andrea and the Gov in bed we hear a knock at the door it’s Merle letting Mr. G know that the rest of them are dead. The Governor shows his suspicion at Merle’s story, yet looks pleased with him when he tells the Gov that he got two of the people from the Atlanta camp. (ummm… Maggie was never part of that camp…)

At the Prison once more Rick comes out and finally holds the angel of death. (Oh! I think I should call that an infant.) We see them all walk (or hobble in the case of Hershel) outside, where Rick gives the baby to Carl and walks up to the fence. We see Michonne standing there surrounded by walkers holding the basket of baby supplies just looking like… “could ya let me in?” Then we go to Credits.


{Final Thoughts}


Well… my final thoughts this time. Frankly this is certainly not the best episode of the season. It is a bridge episode, everything that needs to happen… does happen. It was put together well… but it was just ok. Not a lot of progress overall, the phone bit which is directly from the comics was done ok. I like that they did not make it last too long but they did have it. This one episode was enough otherwise it would’ve gotten old fast. However, the phone was good fan service. The Andrea/Governor stuff is just blaaah and well… the Merle stuff… though amusing… was telegraphed (Waaaay to obvious).

Annnd Fade to Black!

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