{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Your Zombie Master is here to Shout at the Devil while he reviews the Walking Dead season three episode eight Made to Suffer. We enter in seeing a random shambling female zombie… (Well, at least there is no panty shot.)

We suddenly meet up with Tyreese who summarily takes out some walkers while almost killing one of his own group. We see them struggling and getting surrounded. As they are getting away one of the women gets bit… and yeah… We skip ahead a moment and they see huge walls and fences, yet the problem is they’re still dragging the bit little thing with them.

Sasha wants to just leave her but oooof course everyone is all nooooo they’ll tear her apart… *deadpan* Boohoohoo… *end deadpan* Tyreese AT LEAST admits it is a terrible decision while still going along with it. Does not make it a lot better when they give us a wide angle shot and we see it is most definitely the prison. Oi. with that we get surrounded by the Credits!


{Scene Two}


Coming back in we see Andrea getting ready to leave to help Milton cremate Mr. Coleman from the last episode. The Gov tries to talk her out of it. We see that she has been totally taken in by Woodbury. When Mr. G turns and walks away his expression changes completely. We see him go from car salesman to sociopath in about two seconds flat.

Heading down to the Führer’s lair we see Maggie and Glenn going over their detainment. Glenn gets an interesting idea ripping the arm off of the walker in the room, breaking it in two, and seemingly making walker shivs. From there we move back to Mr. G, seeing that he keeps his dead daughter in a cage in the walker head tank room… as he goes about “playing with her” and this goes through my head {Play Clip: Ozzy Osborne – Crazy Train}. One thing of note, this Governor is mild compared to the comic one.

We hop to him talking to Merle about the prison. Mr. G just wants to kill everyone and let the biters have the prison, when Merle asks about Glenn and Maggie… well… The G tells him they’ll just throw then to the biters. Even Merle looks upset by this… and once again… I must say. Merle?! Merle is bothered by this… might be the wrong course of action.

Finally we head back to the prison and see Axel flirting with the seventeen year old Beth and gets admonished for it by Carol. Who he insults and flirts with in the same breath… I guess he had been in there awhile. *laughs*

In Woodbury Maggie and Glenn try to escape taking Merle and Woodbury thug number six by surprise. As Glenn grapples with Merle while Maggie kills Woodbury Thug six. However, Martinez comes in before they can get away and it does nothing other than annoy people and with that we go to break.


{Scene Three}


Back with our merry miscreants they make it in were Merle is about to execute Maggie and Glenn. However, of course Rick and the boys get there just in the nick of time to save them… while at the same time building tension as Daryl Dixon does not see his bother. Getting Maggie and Glenn we see them dart off and end up holed up in a building to have time to make sure that the two are ok.

Over with the Governor, Merle, and Andrea Mr. G is acting like they are under attack and playing it up big time. He tries to shake Andrea off however one thing I will give her is that she is persistent.

We take a brief moment to go over with Michonne and see that she is patiently waiting at the Governor’s Mansion. Back with our “terrorists” as the Gov calls them… (ahhh… that buzz word) we see Glenn tell Daryl Merle is alive (probably not the best timing) and the one that did all of this. This goes exactly how you would expect yet Daryl does tell Rick he is there for him (We’ll see how long that lasts…).

They make their way into the street where there is of course an all out fire fight. They have laid down some smoke grenades but it still does not keep them totally safe nor would we really want it too (what would be interesting about that?). Rick has a hallucinations that Shane is shooting at him with a shot gun… which gives the real guy that is shooting them time to kill Oscar. Maggie puts him down before he can become a zombie then Rick makes his way over and out of there and we take a momentary break.


{Scene Four}


Entering back in we come into the prison as Carl and Beth seem to have been talking Hershel crutches up to them letting them know that the Judith is asleep. Carl goes to find out what it is with Hershel’s blessing of sorts. Going into what they call the tombs Carl finds Tyreese’s group and gets them out of there though they are idiotically risking their lives for someone who is bit.

Now… yes… I get it… loyalty to those that one loves and all. Yet, I would say after ten months of this people would start to understand “Once your bit your life if forfeit”. Anyway… we go back to Michonne waiting… when she hears mysterious thumping sounds she breaks into the Governor’s private study. Finding the wall of walker heads and seeing the Guardsman as well as her own two friends floating in the tanks. Then… she finds Penny who she talks to and frees from her chain thinking that the Gov is sicker than she thought I can only guess. Then when she removes the hood she really realizes he is coo coo for coco puffs.

Swiftly enters the Governor, who begs Michonne not to hurt his little girl she does not need to suffer. The look on Michonne’s face is priceless and she goes about running Penny through after the Gov has disarmed himself. A fight obviously happens, taking out the walker tanks and heads biting at the two of them as they go back and forth. Finally Michonne gets the advantage taking out one of the Governor’s eyes in the process (it is about time he lost that eye.)

When she is about to go for the killing blow Andrea of course shows up and they have a Mexican stand off… when Michonne leaves Andrea finally looks around seeing the after math of the fight. Mr. G on the floor crying about “what she did to his little girl.” Oi… and Andrea looks all sad like it is not stupid, idiotic, and insane. She just held the woman who saved her life AT GUN point for a man who is holding a zombie, surrounded by broken glass from the tanks he kept filled with zombie heads… yeah… your priorities are really strait… moving on.


{Scene Five}


Getting back to the prison once again we see Carl make it into the safe part of the prison. He readies to take out the woman of Tyreese’s party that just died. Tyreese stops him and says they take care of their own… (Just get it done already!) Well… after Carl locks them in with food and water, Sasha talks down to Carl and screams and yells at him to let them out. Tyreese gets her to back off, I really enjoy how Tyreese gives Carl the respect he deserves.

We move back to Woodbury where Mr. G is getting his plastic surgery taken care of and fights with the doctor. When Andrea starts asking questions, Milton and Merle conveniently make their way in. Going back outside the walls with Rick Michonne shows back up, he tries to act all big and bad but Michonne is able to make her point very adroitly.

Now we go to the Arena seeing the Governor using his power words to excite the crowd. Finishing by saying the Merle is one of the terrorists finishing up with the big reveal… the brothers Dixon reunited! The look between Merle and Daryl is great as they have that look that says… “How we gettin’ outta this pickle we seems to have gotten ourselves into.” Though… I think Andrea’s face realizing who the so called terrorists must be is even funnier. We finish up the episode with the Gov mocking Merle.


{Final Thoughts}


What do I think about this episode? I think it was was pretty awesome, I like how we saw a little bit of “The Tombs” we get to see further into the character of the Governor as well as he FINLLY loses his eye. We get to see Merle and Daryl reunited, however they tease us with it throughout the episode instead of just throwing it out quick.

Andrea gets the wool removed from her eyes at least a little. I do wish they would have taken the Governor / Penny sub-plot that tiny bit sicker like they do in the comics, and made him darker like they did in the comics as well. Yet, I understand this is TV and it has those things called censors so it was played out the best they probably could.

I like the reveal of the Gov’s new outfit at the end when gets him to looking more like the comic Governor. Meeting Tyreese in the mid-season finale was also a nice touch, this overall an awesome episode and since we are at the mid-season point.

I do not have a lot to say about the progress of the series so far except that season three has outshined season two by a landslide. Though this was NOT as good as the mid-season finale of season two the entire first half of this season makes the whole farm season look even more boring by comparison. So… just amazing half season…

Now off to darkness annnnnd Fade to Black!

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