{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Your Zombie Master is here to ensure your survival and review The Walking Dead episode Walk with Me. We open up seeing a helicopter, MAYBE even the same one Rick saw in Atlanta all the way back in season one episode one… who knows. The one thing we do find is that it crashes rather quickly and we go to Andrea and Michonne on a road… we see them decide to make their way to the crash and we are quickly saturated in Credits!


{Scene Two}


When we come back they have gotten to the crash site and it looks like it was the Buddy Holly express. Michonne finds one man cut in half and another dead before going back and hiding in the woods as someone rolls up. We spend a couple minutes watching these new people find one still alive and seemingly amusing themselves taking out walkers. Michonne goes about unceremoniously doing away with her walker friends as they wait. Just as everyone is about to leave they are found by a familiar voice… Andrea’s face has a… ut oh… look and when she turns around she sees it is Merle Dixon, Daryl’s brother.

You might remember him cutting off his hand to escape the roof waaaay back in season one… I must pause for a moment. *pause*

Sighs… *Start Rant* Begin rant… Yes! There is suspension of disbelief… but you are saying a man cut off his own hand, cauterized his OWN wound, and then escaped a walker filled city… I mean come on! You have to have some sense of reality and this is not it. I mean ever heard the story of the one legged man at the sass kicking contest. Did. Not. Work. Well. I would say this it is just about the same as the one handed man in a walker filled city. *end rant* ANYWAY… moving on. Andrea faints and when she wakes up we get blurry images of where they seem to be going. She looks up at Merle and then we go to the break…


{Scene Three}


Sliding back in we get to see Merle more properly, Andrea also seems to be feeling better. They have a conversation, and we at least learn that he was near dead when they found him. Merle makes a few really funny jokes, but is still the same ol’ Merle that we met before… well sans a hand and now looking like he has a gauntlet where it used to be (Which is, I have to admit, kind of cool.). After a couple minutes of that we meet their leader the Governor and he introduces them to the town of Woodbury. Showing them the fence line, the perimeter, and telling them they cannot have their weapons. He has that same feeling to him that you expect to get from a good lawyer. Making you feel warm, sticky, and extremely uneasy. He gives Andrea and Michonne a nice little room and we go to a commercial.


{Scene Four}


Bouncing back we find Andrea talking to unnamed Woodbury resident number 187. She makes it sound like a paradise, but no one is really convinced by that I hope. We go on over to the Governor talking to the guardsman, who they saved from the helicopter. Who we learn was scouting with a scant group of survivors who escaped their guard post. Then we hop on over and meet the scientist Milton who makes you think of the kid in school who was bullied all the time. Merle plays the bully perfectly… which the Governor chastises him for.

Sending Merle to go talk to Andrea again which is kind of like sending a goat to perform a ballet. Which Milton expresses to the Governor, and we jump to Milton and The Gov talking to Andrea and Michonne over breakfast it would seem. However, Michonne being the smart one eats without taking her eyes off her sword which is displayed quite nicely. Milton makes himself even more awkward… kind of reminding me of a smarter version of Jughead from the Archie comics. Someone comes in and we end the scene with Mr. G having political business to do, it would seem.


{Scene Five}


Moving on we have a brief conversation between Andrea and Michonne about how quiet Michonne is and about her walkers… which we still get no answer to who they were. We go on over to the Governor coming up to the National Guard unit and summarily killing all of them with an ambush. Now I am just sitting here thinking WHAT THE HEMP! I mean, that seems pretty tactically ignorant to me. Would it REALLY be a bad thing to have people trained in warfare? I mean, I can see no tactical reason for killing them. Anyway, the G goes about basing in a skull. One guy survived the initial lead hail storm so the Governor takes him out. What is worse, even Merle looks put ill at ease by all of it. Merle?! That says something about the decision right there, let’s we move on.


{Scene Six}


Closing things out we see the Gov get back to Woodbury and give a rousing speech… that is complete B.S. Then he and Andrea start flirting, she asks his name which he is completely honest about saying he never tells. After a bit of witty repartee between the two we see Mr. G up in his apartment and there is already a woman in his bed. He looks at a family photo and goes in to a room of tanks filled with walker heads… Including the ones of Michonne’s two friends and the National Guardsman they had saved.

Now… I have heard a number of people say a HUGE W.T.F. about the wall of heads. Your Zombie Master was one of them when he first watched this episode. HOWEVER! If you want an explanation about that, read Rise of the Governor and The Road to Woodbury and with that we close out another episode.


{Final Thoughts}


My final thoughts? Well… this is the first episode of the series without Rick, and I find it a welcome change. Having other places to focus was an interesting departure. Since I have read the comics and the novels I was looking forward to seeing how they did Woodbury and the Governor. Even if I find it ludicrous that Merle Dixon survived, I do find Michael Rooker a fun actor to watch and Merle is one of those characters you hate to love and love to hate. So, it was wonderfully done. Milton is an interesting addition to the Woodbury line-up and they just overall in my opinion did EVERYTHING right with our introduction to Woodbury. Making it almost feel too good for its own good. Soooo Awesome episode, LOVING where it is going…


Annnnnnd Fade to Black!

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