{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Your Zombie Master is here to dance in your entrails and while reviewing The Walking Dead Episode Killer Within. We open up seeing a filth covered hand gathering up a gas can and a very dead deer. We go to the prison seeing our unknown saboteur getting the attention of some of the rotters seeing what looks to be a plan ensue. Half the deer left for them to feed on, another part hanging. We get a glimpse of the goo covered arm and we can only guess that it is Andrew the prisoner who Rick locked out in the last episode. With that get another needle of Credits in our veins.


{Scene Two}


Finally back with our compatriots, we see them getting ready to move all the vehicles into the prison. Looking for Glenn and Maggie it would seem they have been getting jiggy with it in the guard tower. Everyone snickers as they come out disheveled. Once we go back to Woodbury and see Michonne looking over the blood and bullet holes in the National Guard trucks. She has a rousing conversation with Mr. G and his car salesman smile does not impress her. We make our way back to the prison where Oscar and Axel try to make their case of why they do not want to live in their cell block anymore. Rick seems to forget how it was for him at first but after everything I can totally see why… after all… Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger! Rick makes it clear that they can die on the road or live with the ghost of their mates.

Soon thereafter we are back in Woodbury, Andrea seems to have been taken in by the Governor’s charms where as Michonne sees right through him. Sadly, Andrea is being her simple self. Falling deep into the trap Andrea is getting ambivalent about leaving and acting like Michonne is the one with the problem. Going back to the prison one more time seeing them debate about Oscar and Axel they give them a week’s worth of supplies and lock them between the fences. After some happy moments with Hershel finally walking again and Rick and the boys surveying things, suddenly there is a pack of walkers inside the gates. Holy heck breaks loose, lots of running, YaY! More running! We see Hershel is not one to be messed with EVEN with ONLY one leg. They get separated into four groups, and we see all of them moving into deeper parts of the prison. As Rick, Daryl, and Glenn make their way back to the yard leaving Oscar and Axel open to anything and sadly we see T-Dog get bit…


{Scene Three}


Going back to Woodbury we see Andrea and Merle have a little talk about Rick and the gang. Merle makes a good point then becomes his normal misogynistic self, but we see them have a heartwarming moment… well as much heartwarming as Merle can do. Then Andrea asks his opinion of the standupedness of the Governor.

Now, I might… consider that Merle would be a good person to have with you in a fight. However, I would not in any way, shape, and/or form consider him to be a person to get advice from on anybody’s character.

Anyway, back at the prison Rick gets to where Hershel and Beth are… of course they are blaming Axel and Oscar for this… but when the sirens blare they have to take them out by shooting them, enlisting the help of the two inmates to shut it down. Over with Lori, Maggie, and Carl we see Lori as always making the best decision and going into labor at the most inopportune moment as Lori groans we go back to commercial…


{Scene Four}


Getting back to business we see the Gov using one of the walls as a driving range, up comes Merle to talk to him about going and finding Daryl. Fearless leader tries to blow smoke into some of Merle’s personal parts, which it is obvious that Merle knows better than to fall. However, also from the look in Merle’s eyes it would seem he does not care what the Gov thinks.

Going back to the prison we see Rick and the crew not finding anyone. It looks that it will be a tough birth for Lori *laugh sadistically at Lori’s pain* and it is not a good day for T-Dog *sad sound* as it would seem the walkers are in the mood for some dark meat. T-Dog already having been bit does the valiant thing and sacrifices however much time he might have had left to save Carol and we take a small break.


{Scene Five}


Coming back in we get to watch the Governor and Andrea flirt some more, after which he tells her his name. *snicker* Sure he does… let’s move on going back to the prison, seeing Rick and the rest get to the generator room. Suddenly out comes Andrew, when Oscar gets Rick’s gun he takes out Andrew. Just before he gives Rick back his gun we see Daryl in the background looking like a jungle cat ready to pounce. Going over to Lori we see she is going to be opened like a pig. *evil little laugh* Which amuses me to no end, Maggie tries to talk her out of it but Lori states a good case and we go away from this for a moment.


{Scene Six}


Getting to the final act of this episode we see Andrea and Michonne talking about just another day or two… oh how easy it is to procrastinate. Back at the prison we see Lori for the first, last, and only time be a good mother to Carl. She gives a speech before Maggie carves her up like a turkey that makes you actually feel for her. Carl is strong and we see the baby come out. Carl decides he must be the one to shoot her and we have a flashback to a season two barn scene.

While Maggie checks if the coast is clear we hear a shot, Carl walks out looking the spitting image of Carl in the comics. Over with Rick and his boys they find T-Dog’s body… oooor what is left of it and Carol’s Aunt Jemima head scarf. Getting back outside they let Hershel and Beth know what is going on… as they are about to go looking Lori and the rest you hear a baby crying.

Rick goes to look for Lori, Maggie stops him when he looks at Carl we see a single tear fall from Carl and Rick sells it completely as he falls… this scene is made even more poignant when the credits roll with silence. No sound nothing to just add to the bleakness of the moment.


{Final Thoughts}


What are my final thoughts, this episode is done masterfully. From the Governor’s manipulations, to the walkers getting into the prison. Also HOW DARE they actually make me upset Lori is dead… I mean… I have wanted to see the twit gone for TWO SEASONS. Now, you actually write the episode SO well that I actually get upset. GRRRRR…

What really sells it, what really make Lori’s death are Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln. Their performances went above and BEYOND in this episode… there are just not words for the coldness of Carl’s eyes when he comes out from shooting his Mom, and the fall that Rick does realizing his wife is dead… it just sells the entire thing better than any words ever could have. Add the effect of the silent credits and you just have an absolute masterpiece of an episode and of acting. This is by far one of the best episodes of the series to date…


annnnnnnd Fade to Black!

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