{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Your Zombie Master is here to be the bringer of light as he reviews The Walking Dead Season Three Episode Seven When the Dead Come Knocking. Opening up the episode, we see Glenn and Merle have a little sit down… or should I say torture session. Merle wants to get caught up on things about his old friends. Such as finding out how T-Dog is doing… Merle’s not all that broken up hearing he did not make it and frankly I don’t blame him.

Quickly we learn Maggie can hear Glenn being tortured… which is such a beautiful tactic using their love against them, such a great weakness to exploit. However, Glenn gives Merle a good ol’ head butt to the face soooo Merle goes about beating the living tar out of him as Maggie listens. Now. All Hail. The Return. Of. The. CREDITS!


{Scene Two}


Returning to the prison Rick just stares at Michonne while she just stares back at him… that is till her walker goo camouflage starts wearing off and her scent rings the dinner bell. She passes out while taking out walkers and Carl comes to the rescue. Taking out two of the rotters who are looking like “Michonne, it’s what’s for dinner”. Rick finally decides to save her, getting her while Carl gets the baby formula. Once inside Daryl surprises everyone with his find… Carol that is. She sees the baby, figures out that Lori is dead, and Rick gets to look all upsets again. Boohoo…

Anyway… He goes back and starts interrogating Michonne using tactics that would make Shane proud… and proving he was right about a number of things. After some tense moments, Michonne tells them about the Governor and equating him to Jim Jones… which is a good comparison. If you do not know who that is look up Jones Town Massacre sometime you’ll get the idea.

We move on back over to Merle and Glenn having their little play date and to say Merle is playing a bit rough is an understatement. An then… oh… *sigh* Glenn goes stupid. Maybe one too many hits to the head, I don’t know. He goes about rattling off names of the people who have died (or that he thinks have) since Merle was been gone including Andrea. The smirk on Merle’s face is priceless… yet all I can think is why not make UP some names instead, seems more sensible too me. With that we take a small break.


{Scene Three}


When we get back we see Hershel has stitched up Michonne, she thanks him then we go to Rick talking to everybody. They decide they’ll be going to Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. This does include Oscar and Axel… probably feels good for them to get out and stretch their legs (who know how long they had been in prison before all of this.). Michonne seems to have known about the prison before hand, as she talks to Beth in disbelief that they were able to clear out the prison.

As everyone is getting ready to leave Rick talks to Carl apologizing for Carl having to kill his mother, like he really could have helped it. The funniest part of this scene is that Carl consoles Rick and assures him in essence that everything will be ok more than Rick does for Carl (My hasn’t he grown up fast.). Carl names the baby and her name is now Judith because that was one of Carl’s teachers …yeah… with that we see them drive off toward Woodbury.

Back in the city of lost souls we find Andrea meeting Mr. Coleman who seems to be about to die. We learn Milton is being a complete and utter idiot trying to prove that zombies retain something of their individuality after death.

Over with Glenn in Guantanamo bay we see Merle come in with a biter on a stick. Merle tells him he’ll show him, setting it free, and we see the walker try for some kimchi. However, Glenn goes superman as a fight for his life ensues… finally Glenn is able to break the chair and we once again learn Duck Tape fixes everything (and saves lives) and Glenn kills the rotter with the broken chair arm that is still taped too him and we move on.


{Scene Four}


We come back from our little commercial break and learn that Milton is trying to theorize about something he has not EVEN seen! Seriously, he has not seen anyone change, never had to kill a walker…. I seriously would have reservations about having him on my side… guess brains wins on this one.

Well… at least we can say… the zombies will love him, all brains and nothing else. We see Mr. Coleman die and at least they’ed cuffed him down. We head on over to Mr. G talking to Merle and Martinez compliment’s Glenn’s ability to take out that walker. Merle’s reason for doing it… Glenn pissed him off.

The Gov decides to talk to Maggie himself. He tries the same line he used with the National Guardsman before, however Maggie does not fall for his jargon. So… he calmly makes her undress from the waist up, standing taking off his gun belt, going over and mentally torturing her.

Yet, Maggie is strong… letting him know no matter what he does she’s not going to give him the info. After this rousing and telling scene which shows us a great deal about the Governor’s character we continue on with a short commercial break.


{Scene Five}


We see our prison four pack get to the woods in the Shane mobile. Once in the woods they suddenly realize that they are getting surrounded by a LOT of walkers. Sooo… they find what looks to be an abandoned shack, yet… once they are inside they find a lone hermit who seems to not know that the world has ended.

Understandably freaked out he goes about yelling and screaming at the four of them to get out as there as biters chew at the door. When he goes to run out the front door (which is covered in zombies) Michonne sticks him right through the heart and he is dead instantly. The funny thing about this is that Rick does not seem bothered by it one little bit the only one of them who bothered at all is Oscar the former inmate. Says something… anyway… to get out of their predicament they decide to throw the hermit’s freshly dead body to the rotters. With that done they run out the back as the pack devours the unnamed hors d’oeuvre and we go to commercial.


{Scene Six}


Getting close to the end of this episode we go to Andrea and Milton. What you would expect to happen does happen Milton in his ignorance tries to uncuff Mr. Coleman… *sighs* With that of course Andrea has to immediately kill Mr. Coleman as he is now a zombie.

Back in the Gulag we see Maggie brought in with Glenn and when Mr. G points his gun at Glenn Maggie folds like a piece of paper telling him where their group is… (*dripping with sarcasm* awww… how sweet… she loves him enough to kill everyone they know. *end sarcasm*).

The Governor kindly tries to comfort her… Glenn does not approve so the Gov tosses her to Glenn. Hopping outside we see Rick and his little group at the walls of Woodbury. Just as quickly hopping back with Mr. G as he questions Merle’s loyalty since they now know his brother is alive and with the other group. Merle reassures Mr. G he’s with Woodbury now.

We close out the episode with Andrea being her still naive self and Rick and the Get Along Gang getting ready to make their way into Woodbury.


{Final Thoughts}


My thoughts… this is a good episode, but I would say it is certainly another bridge episode, just another step towards where we need to go. The Glenn & Maggie stuff was awesome with Glenn showing he has a lot of gumption and Maggie holding her own as well at least until that last bit. The hermit house though it is only a very short sequence was the best part of this episode in my opinion. Because though it was hilarious it also was able to show an enormous change in Rick in a very short amount of screen time.

In the past he would have been more upset about “killing an innocent”. This was a smart and funny way to get them out of that little clusterfunk they had gotten themselves into and show character development in the process.

I also like that Carl is becoming a strong character, stronger than Rick in many ways. Overall it WAS a bridge episode YET a very good bridge episode.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Fade to Black!

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