{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to celebrate death in this the big fiftieth episode of Hell is Full: Horror Never Dies! Before I get started, I want to thank you all my loyal Hellions… now… I will be reviewing the season three mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead the Suicide King.

We enter in just were we left off in the mid-season finale, Merle and Daryl standing in the ring of death looking bewildered. Andrea fights with Milton for an audience with the Gov. Yet, the Governor is taking care of business getting the crowd all riled up and telling Merle that he has to kill his brother to prove his loyalty and the crowd rejoices. We see them bring in some walkers to liven things up as Merle starts kicking the crisps out of Daryl.

However, we very shortly realize that it is mostly for show. But, when try to get out they notice that they have been circled with walkers. That IS until *sarcasm* the shot heard round the world rings out… *end sarcasm* taking out a walker and then Haley as well… you might remember from that one scene where she talked to Andrea on top of the wall. If you did not recognize her, don’t worry… it really does not matter. But the coliseum turns into a war zone we see Woodbury turning into Hamburger Kill as Merle an Daryl escape and Andrea calls out to them but stupidly stays behind and we get a good jolt of Credits!


{Scene Two}


Making the entrance after the credits, we see Merle and Rick already getting into it. However, Merle makes the point that it’s not the time to worry of such things and whether you like it or not he’s right. We see them forge ahead and we go back to the prison with Tyreese and see Hershel patching up Allen.

After some awkward questions… Hershel lets them know not to get comfortable. We see Tyreese nearly beg and we go to Rick and the Gang getting back to the Shane mobile. Of course there is a sudden stand-off as well… for understandable reasons Glenn and Michonne do not want Merle with them. They debate for a bit and Daryl says goodbye to Rick and everyone. Blood is blood is his reasoning… which I can understand to a point. Yet, when your blood is a complete douche… it is a bit different. Anyway, they debate and Rick makes it clear to Michonne that once they get back and get her patched up he will be kicking her out as well then go to break.


{Scene Three}


Back in action we see Tyreese and his group going to bury Donna. But, it would seem Allen and Ben have different ideas wanting to stage a coup d’état and kill everyone. Tyreese and Sasha put them in their place and we go back to Glenn and Rick, Glenn finally grows a pair with Rick after quite literally stomping a biters head to mashed potatoes. Glenn booohoooohooooos about what they did to Maggie and being all big bad Mr. Protector…

Thankfully that was quick and it would seem Glenn is done talking (Good! Now go get us some toilet paper and canned peaches!) Jumping over too Woodbury we see it is all swirling down the drain as Mr. G sulks about his already dead daughter. We see people trying to get out, Martinez being stupid, Andrea for once using her head. Then they find out biters have gotten in the hard way hearing the zombies munch on some tasty Woodburries. Once Andrea and Martinez have taken care of the threat one person who was attacked is laying there begging for help… no one will do what is needed. Till of course at the last minute the Gov comes out puts one to his skull and goes back to sulking. With that we go to commercial.


{Scene Four}


We mosey on back in seeing Carl and Carol talking about how the world was… then Rick and crew show back up. Coming in there is mild happy returns then we get Carol asking about Daryl is and being given the lo down of things. Carl off handedly asks about Oscar when he is told Oscar is dead no he seeeeems to react.

Going back to Woodbury we get to see the Gov’s little pity party as Andrea tries to talk him through it. We see him blame Gargulio’s death on Rick and the get along gang as well as many others… probably one of the only ones that was really them was Haley. Which of course he uses masterfully to his advantage to manipulate Andrea wonderfully, and then Milton comes in to tell them the whole town is out on the street.

Back at the prison we see all the hello’s and we slide back to commercialville.


{Scene Five}


Coming back it would seem it’s just another pleasant valley Sunday in Woodbury land, and Andrea has to become de facto leader in the Governor’s absence because the townsfolk just don’t understand.

Back at the prison we see Hershel being a shrink as well as a Doctor telling Glenn he is like his own son as Glenn and Maggie play the odd couple. Hershel then hobbles over to Maggie’s cell and gets her to smile a little and go to break we do once more.


{Scene Six}


One last jaunt in the prison and we see Rick talking to Tyreese, telling him that he cannot be responsible for him and he needs to leave! After they were just talking about needing more man power and you turn away good able bodied people… not smart not smart at all. Hershel almost talks Rick into letting them stay when lo and behold Lori shows up as the ghost in the attic it would seem. Rick goes batty and pulls his gun, everyone freaks out, and Glenn quickly ushers Tyreese and his group out (before Rick ends up shooting someone as he’s loses it) and we end the episode.


{Final Thoughts}


My thoughts on this episode… well, first it is totally a bridge episode. Completely unimpressive for the opening of the second part of the season, it is a lot of stuff that needed to happen but it was only mildly interesting overall. It was… ok… not bad just kind of… ehhh. ehh…

Had to happen let’s move on annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Fade to Black

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