{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here with the ghosts of characters past. Today I will be reviewing The Walking Dead episode Home. We enter in on Rick surveying the land and creepily watching Michonne as she gets out of the over turned bus. It’s probably where she’s been sleeping and I’d say not a bad place to crash, after all at night it would probably be cooler than the cell blocks.

We continue with Rick suddenly seeing what is obviously Lori at the graveyard through his binoculars… (ummm…) We see him run on out there… when we see him gets there. Suddenly! Shock of shocks! She is gone and further away, Rick finally ends up outside and meets up with Lori and hugs her… to which I just keep thinking “Be a zombie! Be a zombie!”. Not that I really want Rick to get bit really just would be really funny.

Michonne looks on with the look you would expect “That boy has lost his figging MIND!”. With that, we a force-fed another bite of Credits.


{Scene Two}


Getting back to Woodbury we see Mr. G knock at Andrea’s door. He gives her a bit of a sob story, plays on her emotions as well as her affections for the town. He finishes up with asking her to stand in for him while he gets his spit together. It also bi-proxy keeps her from going and seeing everyone at Sesame Street prison. She doesn’t exactly say yes nor does she exactly say no… so after that we go to our prison pals and find Glenn has gone all Kill, Kill, Kill… Die… Die… Die…

We see Hershel trying to be the voice of reason, and Maggie walks away without saying anything but her point is made loudly. Glenn concedes said point. We head on back to town and see the Gov enlist the panty waste Milton to keep an eye on Andrea with that we pause for a moment to hear a word from our sponsors.


{Scene Three}


Shortly thereafter Andrea goes looking for Mr. G and gets no help from anyone as everyone either rolls their eyes or makes it clear they’re not going to tell her. Done with that we go to Glenn planning on dealing with the breached wall… the problem being that he wants to take Maggie with him. When he talks to her they have a little tiff and we jump on over to the Dixon boys.

Merle and Daryl fighting amongst themselves in the woods about where they are, suddenly Daryl hears a baby crying and starts off running. We shortly see him come to the rescue of some people on a bridge above the creek and we head to commercial.


{Scene Four}


Coming back in we see Daryl to the rescue! Killing walkers all over the place including one of (what I believe to be) most awesome walker kills of this season. Crushing its dome using the back of a hatchback and we see everyone survive. Merle goes about looking if the people they saved have any useful supplies of use. Daryl stops him and tells them to go. …now… I hate saying it… but I agree with Merle. In that kind of a situation, I save someone… I am going to be looking for a few supplies of theirs in return.

Maybe I am just ruthless… who knows.

Anyway as they make their way off the bridge we see it is indeed Yellow Jacket Creek, Daryl was right about where they were. Ha! As Merle and Daryl head back into the woods we see more fighting about everything between the two. But, when Merle pushes Daryl down he rips his shirt and we see scars… and this is one of the single best scenes of the season and I think of the series so far. In that the change in the dynamics and the change in their demeanor between the two carries way beyond just this moment. The chemistry as they talk is brilliant and when Daryl decides to make his way back to the prison with or without Merle the tension is amazing. After which we take a little break.


{Scene Five}


Showing back up at the prison we see Glenn going all Rambo about things even when Hershel tries to talk him out of it. Hershel goes down to the fence to talk to Mr. Loopy or should I say Rick… Said talk can very simply be explained by this {Play Clip: Cypress Hill – Insane in the Membrane}. We make our way back to prison proper and see Carol and Axel talking. He starts to tell a story about his brother to Carol… when midsentence his brains fly across her face… *very sad sound* *growl* I liked him… well it would seem they did not feel any of the prisoners need to live too long… We of course see that it was the Governor who just painted Carol’s face red with some Axel Grease.


{Scene Six}


Nearing the end for this week, we watch Mr. G and our prison gang have a fire fight. Seeing that though they took out Axel with the first shot… annnnd everybody seems to hit those shambling walkers with pin point accuracy.

Now it would seem no one can hit the broad side of a barn on fire… and I would really like to know how one of the bad guys got up on one of the guard towers (I guess the breach in the gates or something). Anyway…

The Governor runs a truck through the gates leaving them with the gift that keeps on giving. A walker filled truck! After lots of normal fire fight stuff Rick is about to get over powered by walkers (still being crazy and outside the gates and all). Yet, surprise… surprise… surprise… Daryl and  Merle show up at just the right moment and save Rick… Guess he cannot say no to Merle staying now.

We finish up with the Gov driving off and everyone on either side of the fences just looking at all the walkers like… really?! Didn’t we just do this?! and we go to credits.


{Final Thoughts}


Final thoughts about this one? Well… It was another great episode giving us a better view of everyone’s flaws and insanities. I did want Axel to get more fleshed out before he died, but at least his death made an impact coming out of NO WHERE like it did.

I would not say it was an amazing episode, great yes, amazing no. It was a standstill tensions rising kind of episode which to me is not awesome… still great though…

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Fade to Black!

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