During the -Brunch of the Living Dead-, you can discuss your –Zombie Honeymoon- at the –Dead and Breakfast- but first you will listen to Zombie Master review The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Nine Triggerfinger


{Scene One}

Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is going drive his point home while reviewing The Walking Dead episode Triggerfinger.

We enter in on Lori happily knocked out cold from the car accident, the blinker being the only light. Sadly we see her wake up before the walker can get to her. It should, it would be great to be rid of her.

Attack of the Killer Credits!


{Scene Two}


Now that the Credits have passed we get to see everyone staring at Big, we see them from his point of view. After everyone checks in that they’re ok, Rick and Glenn grabs the duo’s guns, which is a very smart move. As they are leaving, suddenly headlights pass the windows of the bar and they all duck for cover. I am a little confused as I thought it was daytime when we last left them at the bar, however it is now night. We can hear the men outside as our three just hide hoping they will go away.

We go back to Lori and get to see a walker giving himself a facial. It’s hard for me to pay attention to this scene beyond chanting for Lori to get bit. Finally making it through the windshield, Lori FINALLY kills a walker herself, and gets a second one pretty quickly. I am surprised she didn’t cry for help with what a worthless person she really is.

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{Scene Three}


Going back to the farm we see everyone sitting down to dinner with Shane at the head of the table. It’s interesting how whenever Rick is gone (which is way too often for a leader to be gone), Shane goes back to being the leader… I personally do not think Hershel would be all to happy with Shane sitting at the head of his table. Anyway, everyone realizes Lori is gone, and it really goes to show how useless she is that it took everyone getting together to eat for anyone to even realize that she was gone.


Everyone forgets about the food after that realization, and to me this is hilarious since they do not get that up in arms when suddenly no one can find Carl… Yet, Lori goes missing and everyone is suddenly on red alert. It would seem to me like Lori is more of a child than Carl.

Hopping back to the bar, we see Rick peak out of windows. Now, if this was me, I would have WAITED until maybe I HEARD them leave. It is not like there is much noise pollution at that point other than the moans of walkers. Finally the guys outside realize that no one has checked the bar of all places, and Glenn jumps and closes the door… might have been better to surprise them. Oh, well… too late now…

Rick tries to reason with the men outside, still not realizing that his cop skills are getting outdated by the moment in this new world. We get a gunfight annnnd YaY! More Running!


{Scene Four}


Returning to the Farm, we see Carol come to tell Daryl about Lori while he is eating (I would bet he’s eating squirrel.). He informs her of Lori’s where abouts and then takes out his pain on Carol. After a couple of more scenes, we see Shane driving looking for Lori and finds the overturned car. After which we are back at the bar, we see Hershel shoot for the first time and learn that thankfully he does know how to, which makes him all the more important. He takes down one of the bad guys and said guy soon thereafter becomes walker chow.

We see the bad guys making a break for it, and we see a gut become a human pin cushion and his people leave him behind. Of COURSE, Rick has to be the “valiant hero” saying that they cannot leave him and soooo they rip his leg off the post. Where is the logic, what about your own Rick, you have to play Mr. Good Cop to the detriment of your entire group it would seem. Let’s think about how stupid this really is for a moment… Rick just killed TWO men to keep them from learning where the farm is, Hershel just killed one. Yet… SUDDENLY you feel you need to bring one of them back with you. No, that’s not a bad idea AT ALL… Anyway…

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{Scene Five}


So we now get to see Shane find Lori, and having to lie to her to get her to come back with him. This just shows again how little intelligence Lori has, I mean what is she going to do if she finds Rick, Personally I  she got lucky killing the walker with the gun before. However, she would end up just being a detriment I think, I mean what is she going to do, clean the walker’s clothes to death?! Moving on, Shane and Lori get back to the house, and Shane ends up spilling the beans of Lori being knocked up to everyone, including Carl who starts asking questions including if they could name the baby Sophia. Shane apologizes to Carl, and Lori finding out Rick is not there acts like a… ravenous, selfish, arrogant, figging, twit… Though there are better words for her running through my head. I think I shall refrain from using them. She goes as far as throwing Rick not being dead in Shane’s face again.

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{Scene Six}


After a few more scenes with Lori and Shane playing this anti-mating dance that has gotten a bit tiresome at this point, then we go to Andrea telling Dale a simple fact that Shane has done more than anyone including Rick to keep the group alive. To say Dale does not approve would certainly be an understatement.

Rick and the boys finally get back, and Carl latches onto Rick and Maggie starts running to Hershel or so he thinks as she bypasses her father and goes to Glenn. After a few moments, we hear T-Dog asking who their new visitor is, and Glenn gives us the new guy’s name. He is Randall. Shane looks on with a “What the FORK?!?!” look, I would feel exactly the same way. They go on for a bit, and Shane making it clear that the two “leaders” are seemingly delusional for bringing a hostel enemy into their midst. For this he gets plainly told to shut up.

Skipping a few more less important scenes, we see Andrea and Shane have a moment where she tells him how much the group needs him, and gives him some advice that I myself have had to have in the past. Because I will say Shane is right most of the time. However, the problem is that with words, Shane is a rock and Rick is a sword. You can do what needs to be done with either, yet the sword is much more fine tuned for getting your point across.

We close out the episode with Lori as per usual playing Rick, manipulating him with great skill and using everything she has to turn Rick against his own best friend.


{Final Thoughts}


This is a very good episode, I would not say it’s a great one because I just did not feel it all wrapped together well. It felt a little forced at times, like the pacing was off just a little. However, that did not keep it from being a very good episode. Rick’s actions with taking Randall with them is beyond stupid but it is not out of character for him. Lori, I still wish she would have died here… She is as much of an irritating little wench as always. Someone finally says how much Shane has really done for them to Dale to shut his high and mighty eyes hopefully. A very good episode overall.


Annnnnd Fade to Black!



Do not overlook the obvious, Always be careful jumping off of rooftops, Never bring an enemy to your own camp, and remember Horror Never DIES…

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