When -Uncle Sam- wants you for -Wisconsin Project X- you will find quickly that you are -Dead Meat- but till then you will listen to Zombie Master Review The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Twelve – Better Angels


{Scene One}


Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to invite you to dinner and tell you his thoughts on The Walking Dead episode Better Angels.

Opening up we get to see Dale’s funeral, and even Rick has to reference Dale’s spring eyes look and this scene points out how high and mighty Dale was that everyone feels that he was  the *sarcastic tone* moral compass *end sarcastic tone* Interspersed throughout the elegy we get to see Daryl, Shane, Andrea, and T-Dog going gangland on some zombies which makes this go through my head (Play Clip: Bad Boys by Inner Circle) and as we pull away from the funeral we get another Slice of Credits.


{Scene Two}


Back in farmland, we get to see Hershel finally agree to move everyone in the house, seeming more open now that Dale is dead. Maybe Hershel needed to lose his moral compass to do what is right. Rick goes over some plans, and shockingly for once they’re smart plans. Rick talks of setting Randall loose which obviously upsets Shane. Because Shane is one of the only ones who seems to realize that Randall is a REAL threat to them. However, Shane is told that he has no say in the matter and Shane’s poor wittle feelings get hurt because Rick is choosing Daryl to go with him instead of Shane.

There is a grandiose scene of everyone driving to the house, and Hershel makes it clear he has no patience for logic… (Oh! Oh! Oh! I mean Shane.) And soon thereafter, we get a scene where Rick makes it a little too clear that he does not trust Shane, and Andrea makes it clear right back that the LEADER of a group should NOT be leaving so MUCH! However, she still agrees to do what Rick asks…

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{Scene Three}


Going on, we get to see Shane snub Carl, and then change his mind having Carl come back. Carl gives Shane Daryl’s gun and tells Shane about his own self loathing, and how he teased the walker that killed Dale. Shane near begs Carl to take the gun back, and I am thinking shouldn’t he ask Daryl first. However, Carl flat out refuses the gun… which I cannot make up my mind if it is a smart or stupid thing on Carl’s part since he both should be able to protect himself and at the same time is not the smartest little twit of the bunch…  However, he IS smarter than some of the adults especially his mother.

After this touching little scene about firearms, Shane goes on to build a look out post on a windmill. After which, we get a couple of scenes that do nothing for the story but are fun to watch anyway. Including Maggie offering Glenn to stay in her room and him turning her down because he is scared of Hershel or something like that.

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{Scene Four}


Going back to Shane an the windmill, we get to see a scene that really makes no sense in the scheme of things. With Lori apologizing for everything and admitting that she has no clue who’s child the baby is. It does show Lori being a good human being… for once… but… it’s out of character for her, and really makes no sense overall. Why would moving into the house suddenly make her change how she sees Shane? Wasn’t she not very long ago telling Rick how much of a danger he was? Nothing that has happened up to this point should have suddenly made Lori a good person and not the waste of a human life that she is. Anyway… she thanks Shane for saving her and Carl. Shane understandably has no clue how to take it and we move on from this utterly confusing scene.

Moving forward, Rick and Daryl are setting up plans for Randall’s release when Shane comes up and once again Rick is ignoring his responsibility as a father brushing off that his son is feeling guilty for being a factor in why Dale died. However, something had to have gotten through Rick’s skull because a short time later he does finally go talk with Carl, and they have a moment that feels like it came out of a bizarre lifetime movie where the father has to talk his kid into keeping the gun to be safe. Even the music compliments this tone for an extra laugh.

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{Scene Five}


Going forward, we see Shane visit Randall getting his Mr. Loopy Look, and then he sees Randall’s hands are all torn up. Shortly thereafter we see T-Dog come up and give the best line of the episode which is a nod to the comic and upon going inside, he finds that the room is empty.


Jumping over to the woods, Randall cannot shut up as he and Shane walk through the woods. Now… I have to say, if I was in Randall’s position I certainly would not have trusted the one man that I know wants me dead to have a change of heart and suddenly want to take a stroll in the woods with him. After a few more moments, Shane can no longer take Randall’s babbling and we hear a cracking sound off screen which was obviously Randall’s neck thankfully.


{Scene Six}


Following that we see Shane get back to the farm seeing that everyone has found that Randall is gone. He goes about giving them an unrealistic story about Randall over powering him, and no one really believes a twig like Randall could overpower a man like Shane. But, Shane and the boys go about searching through the wood for Randall and this plays in my head {Play Elmer Fudd – Be Very Very Quiet I’m hunting rabbits clip.} Daryl makes it clear that the way they are going makes no sense but Shane pushes for them to go in a specific direction. After they split up, Daryl goes back to the beginning and they find zombie Randall and after killing him deduce pretty easily what really happened because as Daryl said many many episodes ago he is the only one that is Zen.

Skipping ahead a little, Shane and Rick get to a field and Shane makes it clear that he is going to kill Rick, as Rick tries to talk him down this runs through my head {Play Clip DMX – Party Up (Up in Here) – Act the Fool.} Finally Rick gets Shane to lower his gun, and stabs Shane and then holds him as he dies blaming Shane when he should be blaming Lori. Though yes, I have almost always been on Shane’s side of things. I do think Rick did what was best and had to be done. Then Carl comes up being out the house as per usual, he finds Rick over Shane’s body and we get the zombie flashes that we have seen before. Carl points his gun at Rick but ends up shooting zombie Shane which was a nice touch in my opinion. We get a scene of the heard coming towards them going unnoticed and we close out the episode.


{Final Thoughts}


SO my final thoughts, this is a great episode even if it has some unrealistic holes. First being that it is unlikely that someone would be stupid enough to go with the one person that they KNOW without a DOUBT wants them dead. Second, the runt that Randall was, it would be almost impossible for him to overpower Shane. I mean, we saw in 18 Miles Out that Shane can take a heck of a beating and just keep coming. Why anyone believed Randall could knock Shane out is beyond me. The final scene with Shane was done amazingly, and I think it was just the right way to end it. I am also thankful that we are not going to have any more of the damn love triangle and who could the father be stuff… It was just getting old. I also think it will be good for Rick’s character to finally have the ability to grow now that both Shane and Dale are dead.


Great Episode.


Annnnnnnd Fade to Black!




Never go into the woods with someone who wants you dead, Know when a friend becomes an enemy, Always make your story believable, and Remember Horror Never DIES!

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