Spoilers happen with Omega Maverick: The Horror Heart and Lady Lecter as they dive into the fifth episode of the A&E series Bates Motel: Ocean View


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2 thoughts on “Bates Motel Podcast – Ocean View – Episode 005”

  1. Hi guys.. I found your podcast after getting frustrated with the -mcdonald’s-chain-of-podcasts-(if you know AFTER what I mean ahemBUZZahem)-Bates’ Motel edition- because they are stuck on Norman being pychotic and everything’s in Norman’s head, nothing-Norman-is-doing-is-real-at-all theories (including getting laid, I mean come on its too much to think its all fake) and not the reality of what was put in front of us and I couldn’t take it anymore–I was getting physically dizzy and sick listening. So I found yours, and I have to say it was a welcome, relieving mellow change of pace. Thanks for staying with the reality of it whether or not it is real (or in Norman’s head, yuck yuck)!

    Okay on to my comments. First, your comments about certain moments not being very Alfred Hitchcock like, did you know that he actually based Psycho on a book [he didn’t write].. so there is a whole story out there and the writers could be basing some of it on that.. therefore it doesn’t necessarily have to be completely hitchcokian. Just sayin. Hey if you read the book, will you let us know what stuff was left out of the Psycho Movie that’s in Bates?

    Okay, on to my next point. I know you were saying the Asian story was so contrived– they should of waited until the season finale to air that, well I am so far thrilled with the writing so I have to give them more credit than that… and when you said that I started thinking, okay then what will they do to top it?? Well, not that I agree with that OTHER podcast, but, here’s a topper: what if, the entire scene was not just in Norman’s mind, but Norma’s too, and that Emma is dead or at least still sick?? She was out “sick” for a while, why was that???… maybe she never came over in her Bug in the first place and in the season finale we find out she’s been sick or dead for weeks so it all had to be in their heads??? Not that I want her dead, I love her too just as you guys do.. but that would justify the ~contrived~ feeling, eh?? I have a feeling we will be shocked– stay tuned.

    ooo… now I’m making myself dizzy with this psycho Norman stuff!! Better quit while I’m still upright. Thanks guys, I’ll be stickin’ with you all to keep my head straight from now on.

    Laura Olson
    Morton Grove, IL

    1. Hello! First I want to say thank you for your comment. After some bad reviews in iTunes including one telling people not to waste their time with our podcast and to go to the one you alluded too. Plus not getting any other feedback Lady Lecter and I had been getting disheartened. So, again thank you!

      To what you are saying, personally I prefer to look at it from a point of view that everything we are seeing is real until shown otherwise. I would tire of listening to someone go on about it all being in Norman’s mind myself, because I prefer to theorize from what I see. I admit I can see sound reasoning for the theory and maybe it is the case at times. However, to believe everything we are seeing is just a delusion is in my opinion ridiculous.

      When it comes to Psycho being based on a book that Hitchcock did not write, I did not know that. Lady Lecter did and she told me she read it many many years ago. I will have to read it sometime (probably between season one and season two) to see how much of Bates Motel is based on said book. I will find that extremely interesting.

      We are planning sometime between the two seasons (no exact date) to possibly do reviews on the Psycho movies. So I will try (no promises) to read the original book before we do that. I think it would give a better contrast seeing what some of the differences are.

      When it comes to the Asian story line, I can see what you are saying… I mean after all the book looks to be very old, which would give credence to much of it being a delusion. However, I would personally have a very hard time with a “shared delusion” between Norman and Norma. A delusion on the part of one or the other, I can see just not a joint one. Something that does go along with finding Jiao being a delusion is that it is not referenced in Emma’s blog at all. Yet, bailing Norma out and Norman telling Emma about Bradley is… so it is quite possible finding Jiao is totally a delusion on Norman’s part.

      I still prefer to going with everything we are seeing is real until shown otherwise (like the conversation with Norma telling him to go get the belt). It is more fun to be surprised when it is a delusion. I would say that since Emma has been updating “her blog” she is not dead or sick (thankfully she is too cute to die). Just she very may not have been there finding Jiao with him. Thinking of what you have said, I can say… maybe it is not as contrived as I originally felt about it. It could be a very well played delusion, however I think tomorrow’s episode will shed some light on it.

      Yes, no need for you to get dizzy. You’re welcome and as I said in the beginning, thank you as well!

      We maybe a little late getting this week’s episode out as Lady Lecter had a kidney stone today and may still be on pain killers tomorrow and Tuesday. But we will be having an episode this week.

      Hope to hear from you again soon!

      Omega Maverick: The Horror Heart

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