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At the -Dance of the Dead- in –The Midnight Hour- you will feel the -Revenge of the Living Dead Girls- as Zombie Master reviews, The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Three Save the Last One.

{Scene One}

Hell is Full and Zombie Master is here to give you a great BIG hug, then I will be reviewing The Walking Dead episode Save the Last One.

Before I start, I have to mention, this has to be one of the dumbest names to an episode of almost any series I have ever watched. Going on…

Opening on Shane choosing the bald look which doesn’t suit him, one very interesting thing of note is that Hershel’s farm has both electricity AND hot running water. Now, yes that could be because they have a generator… but really after as long as it has been… The CDC was out of gas for their generators, but not Hershel’s farm…  Anyway… Shane stares at himself kooky link in the mirror, and then we go about Dancing with the Credits in the pale moon light.


{Scene Two}

After finishing our Tango with the Credits we hear Rick and Lori, but we see Shane running from the undead masses… which is more than a little bit disconcerting. We continue watching this while Rick tells an OH so comforting story of Shane being a Juvenile delinquent and it is supposed to somehow remind Lori that Shane can do anything.

Going back to the Eagle Five, Daryl decides to go look for Sophia in the middle of the night because Carol’s crying is keeping him awake and of course Andrea goes with him… YEAH… Searching zombie filled woods in the middle of the night… WoW… people are BRILLIANT around HERE.

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{Scene Three}

Going back to -Slaughter High- we can see that Shane and Otis made the popular kids REALLY angry… Now they are standing on top of a closed set of bleachers, and all I keep wondering is how did they get up there… My thought is compounded when Otis injures himself getting back down. Instead of giving an apple to the teacher, they go for windows, annnn as Shane goes backwards out the window my brain just keeps repeating {Play Clip: I believe I can fly by R. Kelly}

Going back to the farm, Glenn and T-dog show up, and when Glenn meets Maggie he acts more like he is fourteen than in his twenties. With the awkwardness over we move once again back to Daryl and Andrea, Daryl showing himself to be surprisingly optimistic.

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{Scene Four}

Heading back to the {Play Clip: Rock & Roll High school by The Ramones} Shane hides behind -deadpan- a… chain… link… fence… -end deadpan- and I keep asking myself, why would they forget that equally important part of GETTING OUT. Shane moves on, not so quietly limping past the undead then he decides using his shotgun would be the best way of taking care of the ONE who notices him drawing attention of the others. Shane looking like he’s either has been oiled up or he is going to pass out lays back against ANOTHER -deadpan- chain… link… fence… -end deadpan- that looks like it is about to get knocked down by the undead on the other side, when suddenly… Otis comes to the rescue.

As Otis and Shane grab hold of each other and play three legged race of the damned… We briefly go back to the farm, then right back to Bayside High, seeing Shane and Otis resting ONCE again against -deadpan- a… chain… link… fence… -end deadpan- While Zack, Screech and the rest of the gang are looking right at them about the push the fence over ready for lunch time…. Oook… I have been trying to hold this back… WHO would think it is a good idea to rest against what that IS see through… I mean COME ON, do you really want us to believe that they are that stupid. I mean, yes, we know they are in pain… but STILL come ON… Methinks these “oh my god zombies!” shots where a bit forced, I thought it the first time I watched the episode and I think it now. The worst part of this is that they BOTH look SHOCKED when the undead crash against the BACK OF THEM… like that REALLY wasn’t going to happen…


{Scene Five}

Ok… haha… now with that out of my system… We go back to Andrea and Daryl finding someone who hung himself flailing around. They sort of momentarily debate the moral ramifications of suicide… then it shows –slowly becoming exasperated- that walkers eat their own… but… but… –totally exasperated- they never do otherwise –turning to anger- if they did, it would be A LOT easier for the humans, -full on rant mode- WOULDN’T IT? Just let them all devour each other till there are just a scant few left then pick those few off… Did someone throw out… every concept of zombies, or even this series?!?! No walker has eaten another walker that I remember in the comic, nor in the first season of the series… nor in almost any zombie movie that I can remember EVER seeing… It would just make the scenario TOO easy! –Angry Deadpan- Anyway… going on… –End Angry Deadpan-

We bounce between a couple of different scenes, then we go back to West Beverly High to see the two stooges perform their slapstick routine, as they fall down and Shane tells Otis to leave him behind buuuut he says “no… no… I’m not leaving you” and Shane gets angry and after their little breather while the undead are after them they waste a couple of bullets shooting at the mass and limping away.

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{Scene Six}

And away we go back to the farm, and we see Shane show up just in the Nick of time… without Otis. He looks completely shell shocked and tells Rick a story of how Otis died. We get a scene of Maggie crying about Otis’s death and Glenn trying to be comforting but coming off more curious than caring. I also have to make a point, that this is one of the rare episodes that Lori really comes off as caring… even though we know she’s not the look she gets seeing Patricia fall apart really makes you think that Lori might actually not be the Tin man to Rick’s scarecrow. As Shane walks in seeing things, Maggie gives him Otis’s cloths and tells him where the shower is without him asking. He must smell pretty rank.

Annnnnd OH! Surprise… Surprise… Surprise… We’re back to the beginning! With Shane in the bathroom staring in the mirror getting that Mr. Loopy look in his eyes. He ransacks the bathroom as we go back to them throwing away bullets shooting into the mass of zombie love. Bouncing back to the bathroom and then just as quickly back to 12 O’clock High one final time we see Shane apologize and then help Otis to get one heck of a group hug, annnnd the closest haircut cut of his life that take more than just a little off the top.

{Final Thoughts}

This episode is just… eh… it’s another bridge episode; the only really interesting stuff that happens is with Shane and Otis at the high school nothing else really added to characters or the story. We have a glaring plot hole with the dangling walker’s eaten legs and feet, and we see no real development with anyone other than Shane. As I already said, the stuff at the high school was good… even if… at some points… stupid (Who rests on chain link fences?), but the rest of the episode was a whole ball of nothing… unneeded words just filling up time. So, I have to say this episode is mediocre at best….

annnnnd Fade to Black…



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