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-From the Dead of Night- you’ll feel the -Shock Wave- of finding -A Virgin Among the Living Dead-, when Zombie Master reviews, The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Four Cherokee Rose.

{Scene One}

Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is going to dig into you, BUUUUUT! Before that, in episode ten of Horror Never Dies, I will be reviewing The Walking Dead episode Cherokee Rose. Entering in on Hershel’s rustic paradise, we get another oh… so… needed… scene of the caravan of lost souls this time with them coming onto the farm, and as always with Norman Reedus at the front looking like his manly self.

Carl wakes up and asks about his dear girlfriend Sophia, and Rick in a VERY out of character moment blatantly lies to him about something that he really shouldn’t even in Carl’s state.

Going back out showing that everyone is now on the Farm, everybody comes on out for a little meet and greet. We get to see that overalls suit Shane just as much as the bald look. Because the “Farmer Shane” outfit is so laughable, it makes him honestly… look more like he is in a bad high school production of the Beverly Hillbillies than in a show with a major budget… So, everyone asks how Carl was injured and saved and it goes to being Otis’s memorial service…

At the service Shane is forced to speak for Otis, and Shane does the right thing by trying to make everyone feel that Otis’s death was not in vein. He is truthful in some aspects, in that he likely would not have made it out alive if not for Otis, also that one of them was going to have to sacrifice themselves for the other to live… Shane tried to be that one, when Otis refused… Shane did what he had to, to make sure Carl survived.

As we end the scene Farmer Shane puts another one on the Rocks, then we swirl the glass for another fine taste of credits.


{Scene Two}

Now that we have imbibed another glass full of credits, we see that the Greene Family for some reason has a county survey map… which seems pretty lucky in this situation. However, let’s not question amazing surprises! Hershel points out the obvious, that Rick and Shane are human… not that they want to act that way. Then Hershel goes about making them do the STUPIDEST thing EVER… disarm. Really? In the zombie apocalypse you are going to allow this farmer to get you to put down your guns because yeah… that pacifism stuff worked so well with the undead hordes. I am shaking my head at all of them… ALL OF THEM. Rick most of all, I do not care who’s land it is, there is respecting someone else’s wishes then there is putting all your people in jeopardy. Which one is Rick doing?!?! Methinks everyone is in DANGER.

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{Scene Three}

Now, Maggie wants to go into town, and what luck for Glenn that he is the groups “going into town expert” So, we pop on over to Shane and Lori having an, as usual awkward scene which just lets us know that Shane is going to stay which we could just figure by him staying… we go to Maggie talking to Glenn and we see that he needs to get a book while he’s in town… flirting for dummies. Thankfully Dale interrupts this painful scene by asking where to get water. So, he is directed to the well for the cattle and the people the Greene family doesn’t know. After bouncing around a bit, we get a scene with Hershel making it pretty clear he does not want them near the barn, and would rather have them close. We get to see that Glenn is a peeping tom, and then Lori shows that she is still good at using people.

After that, Dale and T-Dog find the well walker or as I shall call him Slooshy, and they decided they have to get it out because however long it have been in there fermenting the water into walker wine. It only MAY have contaminated the water… They are worried about shooting it because they want to keep the water that it is been contaminated for who knows how long fresh. It has already been said that there are four other wells on the land, but this one is so important that after trying to attract it with steak… they realize they need live bait, an we have a laughable scene where everyone looks at Glenn… now I do not know about you, but there is no way I would play dangly morsel to get a walker out of a well that it has ALREADY contaminated.

It is pretty obvious to me that everyone does not really care about Glenn’s life after this scene (including Glenn) except for Maggie who sees how stupid this REALLY is! However, I guess everyone’s reasoning is walkers like Asian food… shortly into their brilliant plan the pump that they were using for leverage to lower down Glenn breaks and he almost becomes Hunan Beef. We get everyone panicking and Glenn realizing he is not immoral. After the tense moments they finally get Glenn up in one piece and we see he still got the rope around Slooshy the wet bag walker!

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{Scene Four}

Jumping away from the stupidity for a moment we see Daryl performing a search of his own, tracking Sophia. He goes into an abandoned house, and finds where she might have slept. This is one of the only smart things in this… entire… episode… then going out he takes note of a flower.

But just as fast we are back in Super Idiot Land… *make Mario music sounds* with them now pulling up Slooshy… a waterlogged piece of moving dead flesh that has been contaminating the well for who knows HOW long. Much like paper, it rips from being wet spilling its lower half and innards into the well… but the rocket scientists that this group contains at the moment only THEN feels that the well is contaminated. T-dog finally lets Mr. Slooshy go to the great big wading pool in the sky and Maggie looks like she is going to let the contents of her stomach become a pool of their own at her feet.


{Scene Five}

We through a couple of other useless quick scenes we finally see Maggie and Glenn riding horses past the saloon in town… Nooow. I have to stop for a moment… and ask where a city boy like Glenn learned to ride a horse. It is not like it was a much needed skill of a pizza delivery BOY. I have never ridden a horse myself, even though I did spend part of my growing up years in the county. But, I do not think you just jump on and ride with no experience… which by Glenn’s reaction when heard the word horse earlier he has NONE… Anyway… they get to the local store and SURPRISE! No broken glass, nothing burnt down not even a sign that the world has come to a FIGGING END except for a sign in the wiiindooow saying that people can take what they need…

Once they get inside Glenn starts trying to find what Lori sent him for, and they have one of the only truly good and funny moments of this ENTIRE episode. When Maggie flirts with Glenn and he makes a fool of himself… but… at that point it goes right back to being the senseless worthless episode of so much not to do in the apocalypse… they… have sex. Now… I love sex, and trust me if Maggie Greene was wanting to do such with me, I… might just say yes… but not till AFTER we made a thorough SWEEP of the PLACE… Ok… you’re going to have a dance in the drug store. I get it, your father is overbearing, you do not want him to catch you, and it seems like the best place. That’s great… BUT MAKE SURE THE FIGGING PLACE IS CLEAR OF WALKERS FIRST! I have to ask myself, is this Glenn’s FIRST TIME, letting his little runner get the best of his survival instincts, I mean this is the man who was running in and out of Atlanta a WALKER filled CITY! I could go on… However, I think I have made my point.

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{Scene Six}

Coming near the end of this episode where everyone is hazardously brain-dead we do get one other good scene where Hershel talks of his father, how he was a loveless violent drunk and he was not at his funeral saying that some men do not earn the love of their sons, annnnd that Rick is not one of those. It is a good scene… Buuuut, unneeded as Carl’s love for Rick is blatantly OBVIOUS, and Rick ever doubting that would be stupider than… oooh going down a well to rope a walker or having sexual relations with a woman while not having cleared the store first.

Anyway… we flip over to Daryl and he tells Carol the story of the Cherokee Rose, showing a bit of a soft side, then we see it is in a beer bottle, which is perfect for Daryl’s character.

Going over to Rick talking to Carl after he wakes up, we see Rick give him his hat, which I am glad that they had that moment in the show. Rick looks to Carl for forgiveness for lying to him, and all Carl gives him is “I Know, Mom Told Me.” can see a bit of his mother in him.

We end the episode with seeing and hearing Lori squat and squirt… and seeing that she is indeed pregnant… which is the ONLY thing in the ENTIRE episode that even kind of needed to happen. However, even that does not really have to happen. Trust me, most women I have ever known KNEW they were pregnant BEFORE taking one of those test. The test was just to make sure… now yeah… I can see why she would want to make sure with the circumstances and all… but REALLY… JUST REALLY… It did NOT need to be there!!!!!


{Final Thoughts}

My thought on this episode… *exasperated tone* WHERE DO I START… I am going to pull out my collegiate thesaurus… Seriously… *book thumping on desk sound* Now. I am going to look up the word stupid. *clears throat*  Let’s see how would I describe this episode “dumb, blockheaded, dense, numskulled, pinheaded, beef-witted, lamebrained, doltish, and birdbrained”. I think you get the idea that I think this is the worst episode of the series SO FAR, sitting through it again to write this review was PAINFUL. Maggie and Glenn act like their in their early teens experimenting with sex, almost everyone at almost every opportunity does something idiotic and ludicrous. Nothing happens that moves the plot forward AT ALL. It is for the most part a bunch of useless scenes thrown together. There are a couple of good scenes, but nothing redeeming. This is not even a bridge episode, it is filler. With a bridge episode we need to go through it to move forward, however NOTHING in this episode had ANY need to be part of the series. Nothing brought us anything more about the characters. It is a nothing episode with no real redeeming qualities, it wasn’t even entertaining filler, filler should at LEAST be entertaining. I am done with it, and will never rewatching it again even when the times comes I do watch the series through again.

Annnnd Fade to Black…


Keep your friends close but your guns closer, always use a condom, do NOT get bit, and REMEMBER Horror… Never… Dies…

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