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When –The Astro-Zombies landed- outside the –Garden of the Dead- the -Cemetery Man- told them that today Zombie Master will review The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Two Bloodletting.

{Scene One}

Hell is Full and Zombie Master is here to control your thoughts an review The Walking Dead episode Bloodletting. This episode starts out with a chain link fence and we see children playing… OOOOooooo I guess that means it is the “before times”! We see Lori talking to someone… for a moment, admitting that she is let’s just say a female dog and that Rick has no spine. Shane shows up, annnnd –dead pan- this… is… the day… Rick got shot…

Now we must give Credits where credits are due.

{Scene Two}

Now that we’re done with the credits, opening up on Rick running through a field, I am coming to realize the main two things that really happen in this show are running and talking… there’s the shooting zombies thing and the whole dealing with the world coming to an end thing… But talking, and running in that order are the focus! Continuing with the scene though, all I can think while we continue to watch Rick run with Carl in his arms is {Play Quote: Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom} that he looks like a Lion that just killed a gazelle. So, finally done the running portion of things …for now…, we get the… talking…, meeting the Greene family and finding out that Hershel who is supposed to try to save Carl is not a Doctor he’s a Veterinarian. I guess the Apocalypse makes doctors out of veterinarians like Star Trek makes grave yards out of ensigns. We see that Rick seems to have forgotten his own name, but with as ADHD as it is, sometimes I wonder how he remembers his own sex…

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{Scene Three}

Finally we move on to the separated party talking about the shot heard round the world, and they in the end just shrug it off an about going to the highway and looking for Sophia. Back at the highway we see Dale looking worried about T-dog… we can only guess that losing your mind in the Apocalypse is laughing and smiling since that is what clues Dale into the fact that there might be something wrong with T-Dog.

We find that Dale is also a doctor now being able to diagnose T-Dog’s blood infection, and we learn T-Dog’s given name not that it matters. Rick feels self loathing for letting Carl come along that he honestly deserves to feel because if he had GROW a pair and said NO to Carl then Carl would not have gotten shot. Sadly, this is the state of a lot of parenting though after Rick’s episode of self loathing, we see Carl screaming as Hershel pulls bullet fragments out of him till he passes out for the pain (and probably shock) as Hershel says nonchalantly “One down, five to go” good way to come off like you care. Skipping ahead a bit Shane and Otis are leaving for the high school so that they can add to the plot line by adding more running and OH! YEaaaah! That ZOMBIE killing thing that is supposed to be part of the show!

{Scene Four}

Flipping back to Dale and T-Dog, we see Dale went about finding some “REALLY” useful supplies. T-dog goes about ranting and we learn that he thinks {Play Quote: You are the weakest link} well… more technically he thinks that Rick, Shane, and Daryl think both of them are… Also we find out Dale’s age and frankly I bet it is not what he was thinking he would be doing when he was singing along too {Play Quote: when I’m 64}.

Changing back to the “forest party”, we see Andrea have a brief but intimate encounter with an undead Romeo until we get girl on horse action. Enter Maggie Green who gets one of the coolest intros of the series so far, as she saves Andrea, scoops up Lori and rides off before anyone can even ask her name closing out the scene with everyone just standing there kind of stunned.

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{Scene Five}

After bouncing briefly to the highway then back to the farm, we learn that Hershel is EVEN more deluded than Rick… which really does take some doing. When Rick is the one trying to talk some sense into someone you really have to ask is that person so closed off to how things are in the Undead Garden of Eden, that they are going to be a danger to themselves and everyone. Interrupting this mind boggling scene of how far someone can bury their head in the sand, Lori shows up and you get the scene you would expect. Hugging, crying, tender music, and about the most stereotypical scene you can get with the circumstances that are supposed to be playing out… but if you are going to be fair, realistically there are not many ways this scene can play out I have to admit.

As Hershel tells Lori they he is going to have to operate, this is one of the only times Lori really shows that the grey matter in her head in there to do more than keep her head from flying off. She actually questions the man who is going to be cutting open her son, he lets her know that yeah… he maybe in over his head… but paraphrasing, is not like they have much of a choice.


{Scene Six}

Moving on over to Otis and Shane at the high school, we see them doing smart things Rick would not have done… like OH! Plan… Shane slips into a police car, and it must feel good for him to be in his natural habitat if even for a moment. They are able to distract the undead. Wait! There are undead in this show? Awesome! And they get into the medical trailer, rifling around getting everything they need, but each time I see the scene after this of them getting chased by the mob of the undead this is all that plays in my head {Play Clip: “All personal” from M.A.S.H.} we end with them closing a security fence, and zeroing in on the lock barely keeping out the walkers. –dead pan- How clever that they were able to bring it back with a reference to the chain link fence in the beginning, -end deadpan- and them realizing that they may have wanted to plan for getting OUT also!

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{Final Thoughts}

This episode is very good, it does not focus too much on the search for Sophia or Carl getting shot. It has some great scenes where we are introduced to our new characters without having them so shoved into our faces that it is a –deadpan- “yeah… we know… they are new.” –end deadpan- The pacing was awesome; though the show did not have the wow factor to make it overall awesome, in my opining it was a very good piece of storytelling and the acting was great. It also makes you really want to know what is going to happen in the next episode instead of telegraphing what will happen next like it felt the first season often did, strong episode overall indeed.

Annnnnd… Fade to Black.


Don’t get distracted, remember there is only strength in numbers if those numbers are smart, do not get bit and always remember… Horror NEVER Dies…

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