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by Zombie Master


During the -Slime City Massacre-, you may find it is –Zombie Night- at –Bubba’s Chili Parlor- while Zombie Master reviews The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Eight Nebraska

{Scene One}

Hell is Full, and Zombie Master is here to give you a piece of his mind about The Walking Dead Episode Nebraska.

Coming back in exactly where we left off in the last episode we pull away from Rick, getting to see the brainless Sophia, shortly thereafter Beth has a Mother/Daughter moment almost becoming a little blonde hors d’oeuvre. We get to see T-Dog go gangland, and Andrea going all Grim Reaper on one dead mother while Dale and Rick look like they just do not know what to do. (No surprise there)

Now, as we move on back to the house, even I think Shane takes it a step too far by getting in Hershel’s face accusing him of knowing. When things get more heated, Maggie slaps Shane and Glenn gets macho for once and steps in between them which I find amusing. I do commend Glenn for standing up, but Shane could squash him like a bug if he wanted to.

With the scene winding down, we get the truest line of the season so far when Shane tells Rick that he is just as delusional as Hershel.

With that it is the Return of the Living Credits.


{Scene Two}


Coming back from the Credits, we bounce through a couple of scenes, then we get Glenn asking Maggie if she knew Sophia was in the barn. She looks at him like he’s stupid, and with their relationship, I cannot blame her. It’s gotta be the stupidest thing Glenn has said in the series at this point. I mean, yes, everyone is shaken up, however you know Glenn if you might have just shined your light down into the barn when you where in there, YOU could have found Sophia… Moving on.

Going outside, we hear Carl talking about the search for Sophia, and we hear him tell Lori that Rick did the right thing and he would have shot her too. Lori looks very disturbed, but I think it is a good thing and shows that Carl is getting a small idea of what it takes to survive. We go through a couple of more scenes, then Shane and Dale have a staring contest. We see the “Dale does not approve” look the whole time, as Shane states pretty clearly the truth about how Dale acts like he is everyone’s conscience.

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{Scene Three}


Getting to the funeral, we see Hershel in a suit, and the camera work is amazing in my opinion. The way there are no words, just different angles and finally the last shot of the graves. I really think this is one of the best funeral scenes I have seen on television.

Moving on from the funeral, we see that even Carol knows now that Cherokee Rose was a horrid episode as we see her tear them to pieces with her hands.

Going over to them hauling bodies, we get to see Andrea stand up to Dale about all that has transpired, saying that Shane was not the only one involved and in essence that it was good that someone with a BRAIN was willing to do what was needed before they got overrun. The scene ends with Andrea having to have T-Dog stop so that she can arm herself.

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{Scene Four}


Soon thereafter, Hershel has pulls a disappearing act and we get to see Shane in Hershel’s room when we know well he does not want him on his land, let alone in his room. Is this Rick respecting Hershel’s wishes? They find a flask, and we find out that Hershel is likely at the bar. Glenn says he knows where it is, and volunteers to go. We also know where the bar is because it was conveniently placed were they passed by it when they were going to the pharmacy.

We get to see Shane and Lori try to get Rick to not go after Hershel. Lori like all too often tries to use Carl against Rick, telling how Carl would have killed Zombie Sophia. On all of this I think Rick is right. They need Hershel, even if Lori was not pregnant, having someone who has at least SOME medical expertise is VERY important.

With Glenn finally in tow, Rick drives off as Maggie stomps disapprovingly into the house. We get a great scene with Shane and Carol, and we get to see a soft side to Shane as he takes care of her. Shane tries to get Carol’s understanding and forgiveness. She does not say anything, which is understandable after all. Going back to Glenn and Rick on the road, we see Glenn trying to psychoanalyze himself, and Rick gives him the good clear advice, that in essence he is being an idiot and needs to tell Maggie that he loves her and Glenn ends up looking like a scolded child.


{Scene Five}


Moving forward, we get to see Lori ask someone else to watch Carl for the second time this episode, then she goes to Daryl and asks him to go after Rick and Glenn… For what?! Those two have been out countless times. She calls Daryl selfish when he says no she can go get those two idiots herself. Selfish!?! I mean wow… Lori is one of the most if not the most selfish person of the group, asking Daryl to go after Rick and Glenn because she is worried about Rick. Now that is priceless, call someone selfish when you just asked them to do an immensely selfish thing for you. God… I want Lori to die, and I want it to be BRUTAL, and I want there to be a telephone involved in the end. ANYway… I digress.

Entering into the bar, our dynamic duo find themselves face to face with Captain drunkard. Rick and Hershel have words back and forth, and Hershel talks of finally seeing that he has been an idiot along the way, him feeling a bunch of self pity and self loathing. We jump on over to super idiot Lori getting in a car and going to find them, at least she has enough of a brain that she does bring a gun. We then get to see her reading a map, promptly hitting a walker and flipping the car. hehehehehehe… Could she be dead! Oh… Please be dead! Please…! Please be dead!

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{Scene Six}


Back at the bar, Hershel gives Rick a REALLY low blow bringing Sophia into their discussion, and then explodes at Rick shortly there after trying to blame the Atlanta party for everything. Rick declares quite rightly that in essence the world had gone down the toilet long before they got there. Hershel once again tries to use Sophia’s death against Rick, and I hate to say it but once again Rick is right Death is Death.

Annnnnnd Two guys walk into a bar, specifically that bar and are understandably shocked to find people alive. I shall call them Slim and Big. Their conversation with Slim quickly gets awkward as the he tries to get where they live out of Rick and the rest, Rick makes it extremely clear that they are not going to tell them. Big pisses right on the floor, and Slim goes over the bar looking for some liquor. The tension finally rises to a point, thaaaatt… Rick kills the living, I guess that whole “We don’t kill the living” thing went out the window, but the other guy I will give was going for a gun. It would seem Rick is slowly learning how to survive in a new world. I guess the learning curve has been just a little much for him. We see Rick put one more in Big’s brain and then emotionlessly reloads.

We close out the episode with Shane, Andrea, and T-Dog having a good old bon fire, and all they need is some marshmallows and hotdogs.


{Final Thoughts}


This is a really good episode, I like how ALL of the characters have good development and their reactions are not just run of the mill. Daryl’s pulling inward, and us getting to see the aftermath of the shoot out at the not so O.K. corral was wonderfully done. There was so much to this episode and yet it did not feel like they tried to stuff too much in. Also having the gunfight at the end was a GREAT touch.


Great episode indeed.


Annnnnnnd… Fade to Black.



Know where to get a drink, Never piss on the floor, Always keep your eyes on the road, and Remember HORROR Never Dies…

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